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How 5G Could Impact Mobile Video Delivery

Thierry Fautier
More than 75 of ideo viewing is mobile. Video consumption on mobile devices will continue to increase and, as it ....
Video over cellular networks

The Mobile Video Tidal Wave Has Hit. The Impact on Cellular Networks.

Thierry Fautier
The growing use of smartphones, mobile broadband, and innovative apps will lead to video accounting for two-thirds of all internet ....

3 Trends Guaranteed to Make a Big Impact on OTT in 2018

Eric Armstrong
In light of last week’s announcement of VOS™ SW Cluster, the next evolution of Harmonic’s VOS offerings for IPTV and ....

OTT Innovation Is Heating Up

Eric Armstrong
OTT is one of the biggest technology trends in the pay-TV environment right now. Global OTT revenues will more than ....
Mobile Video Optimization Reinvented_Harmonic at Mobile World Congress

Mobile Video Optimization Reinvented

As I prepare to attend Mobile World Congress at the end of the month (February 27 to March 2 in ....
Mobile Video Evolution

The Mobile Video Evolution

With Mobile World Congress starting this week, I thought I would share my thoughts on the evolution of mobile video. ....