The Challenge

8K technology adoption is moving fast, and it’s driven by developments with 5G wireless technologies. The 2019 French Open tennis tournament was the perfect event to embark on an impressive technology demonstration.

The goal was to use a 5G network to stream 100 hours of live video from the tournament in 8K resolution to both televisions and mobile devices.

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The Solution

The demonstration involved 18 vendors providing 8K TV cameras, transmission equipment, servers, media processing software, 8K television sets, and 5G mobile phones.

Harmonic’s VOS® Cloud-Native Software was the driving force behind the scenes. Using VOS software unifies the entire media processing chain to deliver the highest quality video to every device.


The Result

The demonstration proved that it’s possible to deliver live video in 8K resolution over a 5G network. Harmonic is proud to participate in developing future growth opportunities in the video industry.