NMX for Multiscreen

Course Description:

Harmonic's NMX Digital Service Manager is the definitive video network management solution, encompassing a powerful set of tools for monitoring and managing Harmonic compressed digital video and audio systems. In this instructor-led course, students learn how to configure and manage multiscreen and internet streaming delivery using NMX and Harmonic's Electra-X and Packager-XOS transcoding, packaging, and publishing platforms.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this training, students will be able to configure and monitor an end-to-end multiscreen delivery system and view streaming output on a tablet device.

Course Prerequisites:

A basic knowledge of networking, TCP/IP, and video compression (MPEG-2, MPEG-4). Harmonic also recommends that students have prior experience with NMX, complete the NMX Essentials training on Harmonic University, and/or attend Harmonic's NMX for Broadcast training.

Course Duration:

1-3 Days

Module 1: Multiscreen overview

  • Discuss multiscreen definition
  • Adaptive bitrate transcoding
  • Multiscreen delivery architectures
  • Overview of Harmonic multiscreen platforms
  • Common multiscreen streaming protocols

Module 2: Multiscreen platforms

  • Multiscreen platform product overview
  • Packager-XOS server
  • Platform specifications and interfaces

Module 3: MediaGrid for multiscreen

  • MediaGrid for multiscreen
  • MediaGrid overview
  • MediaGrid protocols
  • MediaGrid scale-out architecture

Module 4: NMX overview

  • NMX system architecture
  • NMX applications overview
  • Using the NMX network group map
  • Alarm management
  • NMX administration
  • Creating a new database catalog
  • Configuring NMX options

Module 5: Electra X2 platform

  • Electra X2 features
  • Electra X2 multiscreen support
  • Electra X2 specifications and interfaces

Module 6: Service configuration for Electra X2 and Packager XOS

  • Adding an Electra X2 to the network group map
  • Adding a Packager-XOS to the network group map
  • Creating a new service configuration
  • Adding the source input transport
  • Adding the multi bitrate output transport
  • Creating the transcoding profiles
  • Configuring the packaging and publishing profiles
  • Monitoring services and using the alarm log

Module 7: Multiscreen redundancy

  • Multiscreen redundancy scenarios
  • Using NMX to configure multiscreen redundancy
  • NMX redundancy operations
  • Building a redundancy NMX network group map

Module 8: Monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Submitting a field report
  • Using NMX for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Network check points
  • Troubleshooting multiscreen streaming protocols
Type Location Duration Number of Students Price Part Number
Classroom Harmonic Facility 3 days Individual $4,500 per student TNG-NMX-MULTI-PP
Classroom Harmonic Facility 3 days Group, maximum of 8 students $8,000 per group TNG-NMX-MULTI-GROUP
Classroom Onsite 3 days Group, maximum of 8 students $10,000 per group TNG-NMX-MULTI-SITE
Webinar Online 1 day Group, maximum of 12 students $1,500 per group TNG-NMX-MULTI-WEBINAR
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