Polaris Play: Ingest

Course Description:

Polaris Play is a complete channel-in-a-box (CIAB) automation system that includes a suite of license-keyed applications for automating the essential elements of a broadcast workflow. Content capture from baseband sources is controlled via the Polaris Play: Ingest client, an easy-to-use application that offers comprehensive ingest, clip preparation and management capabilities. In this instructor-led course, students learn about installation, licensing, and configuration of Polaris Play: Ingest, as well as ingest, clip preparation, playout, and clip storage management functionality, and a variety of troubleshooting tasks. Optional topics are included on an as-needed basis.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this training, students will be able to record content by scheduling a record event or using the crash record feature, record content from tapes while simultaneously controlling the source VTR via serial protocol, create a playout schedule, review clips, specify in and out points, and create sub-clips, and rename, move, copy, and delete content.

Course Prerequisites:

Knowledge of the Spectrum environment and SystemManager, including creating and configuring players. A basic understanding of automation, ingest of video for playout, playlists, timelines, clip management, and file formats.

Course Duration:

4 hours-1 Day
Module 1 – Polaris Play: Ingest Overview
  • About Polaris Play: Ingest
  • Ingest Functionality
  • Clip Preparation Functionality
  • Playout Functionality
  • Clip Management Functionality
  • Polaris Play Workflow
Module 2 – Installation and Licensing
  • Installing and Launching Ingest
  • Licensing Ingest
Module 3 – Software Configuration
  • About Configuration
  • Media Server Configuration
  • Player Configuration
  • Customizing the User Interface
  • Configuration and Log Files
Module 4 – Recording
  • Recording Clips Overview
  • Crash Record
  • Scheduled Ingest
  • VTR Ingest
Module 5 – Clip Preparation
  • Preparing Clips
  • Managing Clips
Module 6 – Playout
  • About Playout
  • Managing Events
  • Managing Playlists
Module 7 – Clip Storage Management
  • Clip Management
  • Viewing Clips
  • Managing the Storage of Clips
  • Managing Clip Folders
Module 8 – Troubleshooting
  • Ingest.exe Error Messages and Logs
  • Fault Handling
  • Contacting Support
  • Remote Access
Optional Topics as Needed
  • Integrating Polaris Live: Route
  • Integrating BXF
  • Enabling/Disabling Clip Deletion
  • Enabling Password Protection
  • Customizing Metadata
Type Location Duration Number of Students Price Part Number
Classroom Harmonic Facility 1 day Individual $1,500 per student TNG-PRODRIVE-PP
Classroom Harmonic Facility 1 day Group, maximum of 8 students $3,000 per group TNG-PRODRIVE-GROUP
Classroom Onsite 1 day Group, maximum of 8 students $3,500 per group TNG-PRODRIVE-SITE
Webinar Online 4 hours Group, maximum of 12 students $1,500 per group TNG-PRODRIVE-WEBINAR


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