Polaris Play: Playlist Control

Course Description:

Polaris Play is a complete channel-in-a-box (CIAB) automation system that includes a suite of license-keyed applications for automating the essential elements of a broadcast workflow. At the head of the solution is the Playlist Control service, which runs on Spectrum and manages the playlists for all channels. In this instructor-led course students learn about the Polaris Play: Playlist Control workflow and tasks related to configuring, operating, and monitoring the key components of the service. Students learn to use SystemManager, the Spectrum system's administrative hub, as well as Polaris Play: Scheduler for building playlists, and Polaris Play: Playlist for monitoring and controlling playlists. Optional topics are included on an as-needed basis.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this training, students will be able to describe Polaris Play and the components associated with the Playlist Control environment, enable and configure Media Fetch, create a playout schedule using Scheduler, monitor, control, and edit an on-air playlist using Playlist, and contact Technical Support for troubleshooting.

Course Prerequisites:

A basic understanding of the Spectrum environment and SystemManager, including ingest of video for playout, Samba, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), general networking, FXTool, Adobe Creative Suite, Flash Player, and graphic formats such as Small Web Format (.swf), Flash Video (.flv), MPEG-4 (.mp4), Portable Network Graphic (.png), and Bitmap (.bmp).

Course Duration:

4 hours-1 Day

Module 1 – Polaris Play Overview

  • Playlist Control
  • Workflows

Module 2 – Polaris Play: Playlist Control

  • About Playlist Control
  • Configuring Playlist Control
  • Configuring Templates and Tools Package
  • Configuring Playlist and Playlist Help Apps
  • Configuring a Playout Channel

Module 3 – Playlists and As-run Lists

  • Playlists
  • Primary Event Terms and Concepts
  • Secondary Event Terms and Concepts
  • As-run Lists
  • Audit Logs

Module 4 – Polaris Play: MediaFetch

  • MediaFetch
  • Configuring MediaFetch

Module 5 – Polaris Play: Scheduler

  • Scheduler
  • Configuring Scheduler
  • Navigating Scheduler
  • Creating and Editing Schedules
  • Viewing and Editing As-run Lists

Module 6 – Polaris Play: Playlist

  • About Polaris Play: Playlist
  • Configuring Playlist
  • Navigating Playlist
  • Activating the Control Bar
  • Editing Playlists

Module 7 – Contacting Support

  • Contacting Support
  • Collecting Information

Optional Topics as Needed

  • Configuring GPIO
  • Configuring Subtitles and Captions
  • Integrating Polaris Live: Route
  • Configuring SCTE-104 Program Insertion
Type Location Duration Number of Students Price Part Number
Classroom Harmonic Facility 1 day Individual $1,500 per student TNG-POLARISPLAY-PP
Classroom Harmonic Facility 1 day Group, maximum of 8 students $3,000 per group TNG-POLARISPLAY-GROUP
Classroom Onsite 1 day Group, maximum of 8 students $3,500 per group TNG-POLARISPLAY-SITE
Webinar Online 4 hours Group, maximum of 12 students $1,500 per group TNG-POLARISPLAY-WEBINAR

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