Spectrum Tools

Course Description:

Harmonic Spectrum X and ChannelPort products provide comprehensive integrated channel playout (ICP) capabilities, including graphics, branding, and DVE. Spectrum provides two tools for previewing graphic, branding and DVE templates, called FXTool and PreviewTool. In this instructor-led course, students learn about installing and configuring FXTool and PreviewTool. Students use FXTool to preview a variety of graphic templates, and PreviewTool to preview program sequences.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this training, students will be able to install, configure, and operate the FXTool and PreviewTool Spectrum software tools.

Course Prerequisites:

A basic understanding of ingest of video for playout, Samba, FTP, and general networking, the Spectrum file system, and graphic formats such as Shockwave Flash Movie (.swf), Flash Video (.flv), MPEG-4 (.mp4), WEBM (.webm), Portable Network Graphic (.png), and Bitmap (.bmp).

Course Duration:

4 hours-1 Day

Module 1: Spectrum tools overview

  • Templates and tools package
  • Spectrum tool installation
  • Spectrum tool configuration

Module 2: FXTool

  • FXTool overview
  • FXTool configuration
  • FXTool navigation
  • Non-animated templates
  • FXTool default settings
  • Template text fields
  • Animated templates
  • Oxtel debug

Module 3: PreviewTool

  • PreviewTool overview
  • PreviewTool configuration
  • PreviewTool navigation
  • Sequence viewing
  • Sequence creation

Module 4: Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting scenarios
  • Technical Support
Type Location Duration Number of Students Price Part Number
Classroom Harmonic Facility 1 day Individual $1,500 per student TNG-SP-TOOLS-PP
Classroom Harmonic Facility 1 day Group, maximum of 8 students $3,000 per group TNG-SP-TOOLS-GROUP
Classroom Onsite 1 day Group, maximum of 8 students $3,500 per group TNG-SP-TOOLS-SITE
Webinar Online 4 hours Group, maximum of 12 students $1,500 per group TNG-SP-TOOLS-WEBINAR

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