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The goal was to use a 5G network to stream 100 hours of live video from the tournament in 8K resolution to both televisions and mobile devices.

Harmonic got together with 18 vendors providing 8K TV cameras, transmission equipment, servers, media processing software, 8K television sets, and 5G mobile phones to start the trial of the year. 


Trial proves successful

The demonstration proved that it’s possible to deliver live video in 8K resolution over a 5G network. Harmonic is proud to participate in developing future growth opportunities in the video industry.

Harmonic’s VOS® Media Software was the driving force behind the scenes. The entire technical system for the trial was set up in just two months. Once the scalable processing servers were installed, it only took two days to set up the VOS Media Software.

Harmonic's VOS Media Software was a perfect fit

The VOS software can support multiple services, including live broadcasting, catch-up TV, and VOD across television sets and mobile devices. Harmonic’s VOS Mediae Software unifies the media processing chain and provides all the essential functions. Broadcasters need only to define their sources, upload the assets and set regional or global distribution policies to start engaging with audiences.
This project truly set the stage for 8K and 5G deployments. NHK has already deployed 8K commercially on the BS digital satellite and will cover the Tokyo 2020 Games. It is expected that by 2024, France Télévisions, which has the rights for the 2024 Paris Games, will also be ready to test 8K. 8K TV provides the ultimate technology for realistic video. It powers the production of wider angles. 
Imagine being able to cover an entire soccer field with only one camera. It also enables high-quality immersive experiences like VR and personalized streaming on legacy devices.

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