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Grand Lille TV wanted to transition from SD to HD and launch a secondary news channel. To do so, it needed an efficient media server, playout and automation solution capable of handling multiple live breaking news events on a daily basis, as well as seamless integration with third-party equipment.

Grand Lille TV gets results

Today, the stakes are high. News channels like Grand Lille TV are under intense pressure to deliver new programming and services more quickly than ever.
Harmonic’s Spectrum media server, playout and automation systems enable Grand Lille TV and Grand Littoral TV to turn around live and recorded HD content flawlessly, delivering sophisticated on-air looks with regionalized content such as time and weather.
By combining exceptionally reliable playout and automation systems, Harmonic’s Spectrum media server solution optimizes live and on-demand HD video delivery, bringing increased revenue to the TV channels.

Harmonic's Spectrum X optimizes live &
on-demand HD video delivery

Grand Lille TV chose a media server solution with powerful channel in a box capabilities from Harmonic.
The solution is comprised of Harmonic’s Spectrum MediaDeck integrated media server, running Spectrum ChannelPort 8000 playout and Polaris Play automation system. Playlists and schedule updates are handled seamlessly by the Chyro cloud-based traffic system.

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