Looking for a stable scalable system

The M6 Group technical team began planning the modernization and optimization of the company’s production and delivery facilities in 2007.
The facility upgrade was designed to enable the group to satisfy the changing expectations and consumption modes of its varied audience, and the project’s primary objective was to build an entirely digital infrastructure capable of playing out multiple video formats for broadcast and for services including catch-up TV, video on demand (VOD), IPTV, and Mobile.

The M6 Group gets results

Thanks to close collaboration between Harmonic and MBT, as well as the on-site assistance of Harmonic’s French support team, the M6 Group deployed its ultra-modern production and playout infrastructure within an aggressive 10-month schedule.
Now fully commissioned, the company’s Harmonic MediaGrid, Spectrum, and ProXchange systems provide an extremely homogeneous multichannel platform for fluid and cost-effective production and playout.

Harmonic's Spectrum X provides flexibility

The M6 Group has built France’s most advanced digital infrastructure with Harmonic’s media server, storage, and processing solutions at its core.
Under control of a Phoenix management system from Media Broadcast-T (MBT), the tightly integrated Harmonic systems enable rapid and highly automated ingest, processing, and repurposing of media for multiple platforms including HDTV, IPTV, Web, and mobile. 
The scalability and flexibility of the Harmonic platform has given the M6 Group a competitive edge in a difficult economic climate, allowing the group to expand its operations and service offering cost-effectively in response to consumer demand.

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