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By: Harmonic Inc on June 3rd, 2016

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Cloud Media Processing with VOS 360

The cloud. We’re hearing a lot about its applications for media processing, but is a cloud-based service ready for prime time? Can it really help you launch a new broadcast-quality live streaming channel in a matter of hours, at a fraction of the cost of building out a new on-premise data center? With Harmonic’s new VOS 360, the answer is definitely yes. In this short episode of VidTech InFocus, we cover the benefits VOS 360 brings to content creators and owners



  • Simple user interface controls the complete video workflow
  • Easy content contribution from sources
  • Transcoding, origination, packaging and encryption on the fly
  • Global content delivery to consumer connected devices

Agility and a Quality

  • Build or remove services in minutes while compute, network, storage and delivery schemas are automatically and seamlessly provisioned
  • Best-of-breed video quality with Harmonic’s PURE Compression Engine
  • Subscription and usage-based pricing to manage market volatility
  • 24/7 hosted and maintained by Harmonic’s globally distributed DevOps team

Openness RESTful APIs for rapid integration with technology partners and the introduction of video workflows to existing applications

– Ofer Aharon, Sr. Product Manager, SaaS/Cloud, Harmonic