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Amethyst III

Best-in-class solution to ensure 24/7 availability of digital TV signals


When downtime is not an option, the Amethyst III provides a suitable and automatic 1+1 TS redundancy switching solution. By continuously monitoring the transport stream inputs, it performs seamless switching if the active input is detected as being corrupted. Whether used for equipment redundancy or network-path redundancy, the Amethyst III offers the utmost in performance, flexibility, high density, and delay capability to increase the robustness and maximize uptime of your broadcast and transmission chains – and ensure that your MPEG-2 transport stream (DVB, DVB-T/T2 or ATSC ) can be properly secured.

Available with Gigabit Ethernet interfaces or ASI interfaces, the Amethyst III is perfectly suitable for any type of architecture: from widely deployed ASI based head-ends to new IP-centric networks. To maximize service availability, the Amethyst III is equipped with dual power supply/plugs and maintains service delivery thanks to a smart and configurable bypass mechanism on Gigabit Ethernet and ASI interfaces – even in case of power failure.

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  • Dense 1+1switch in 1 RU (x4 ASI switches, x8 IP switches)
  • Suitable for ATSC, DVB and DVB-T/T2
  • Delay compensation
  • ASI and GigE smart bypass
  • TR101 290 analyses and advanced tests


Amethyst III

Learn more about the switch that ensures 24/7 availability of digital TV signals.

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Amethyst III Features

Reliable and Flexible

Available with Gigabit Ethernet or ASI interfaces, the Amethyst III is suitable for any type of architecture: from widely deployed ASI-based headends to new IP-centric networks. The switch is equipped with dual power supplies/plugs to maximize service availability, and maintains service delivery via a smart and configurable bypass mechanism.

Highly Configurable Testing

The Amethyst III measures the health of incoming streams via a wide range of configurable tests. It supports TR 101 290 tests to provide a complete health-status check of your digital DVB network. The unit also supports testing and monitoring models that provide the same level of comprehensive information for ATSC environments.

Delay Compensation Capability

The Amethyst III offers delay-compensation capability by simultaneously analyzing delayed input streams. If one input is detected as being corrupted, the unit compensates for the time difference and switches seamlessly to the other uncorrupted stream without any disturbance to end users.

Designed for Terrestrial Networks

When combined with the Harmonic NetProcessorTM 9030/40 multiplexer and video processor, the Amethyst III can perform seamless switching for DVB-T/ T2 SFN terrestrial networks. For DVB-T, the Amethyst III preserves the mega-frame structure from the NetProcessor SFN adapter. For DVB-T2, it realigns the T2-MI streams from NetProcessor T2 gateways.

Configuration and Supervision

The Amethyst III is equipped with a 10/100Base-T port for control and supervision. The unit can be supervised and configured remotely through any standard web browser, and provides a complete display of switching configurations, along with easy-to-read input/output status information, error-log data and bitrate graphics.