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Centralized, over-the-air control of multiple video network devices

DMS Video Distribution Management System

Harmonic’s DMS video distribution management system provides broadcasters and content providers with powerful control tools over large populations of Harmonic ProView 7100 and ProView 8100 IRDs. The software-based solution allows flexible device or group addressability, entitlements and authorization management as well as over-the-air (OTA) in-band control of content distribution network (CDN) elements. It’s ideal for applications such as content distribution to operators, affiliates and service providers, and distribution of digital terrestrial TV services.

DMS enables secure broadcast of video content over satellite or IP delivery networks, helping content providers to deliver content to authorized recipients only. Based on open standards such as DVB SimulCrypt, DMS provides individual or group entitlements control with any DVB-compliant conditional access (CA) system. Decryption on ProView 7000 and 7100 receivers is based on DVB-CI modules.

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  • Integrates with DVB scrambling solutions for secure content delivery
  • Regional program switching and blackout control
  • Facilitates maintenance with device grouping and bulk operations
  • OTA firmware upgrades of single or groups of devices
  • Integrated event scheduler allows automated operation



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DMS Features


Service providers can lower operating expenditures and eliminate the need for costly remote site visits by managing the video distribution network from a single control system with advanced scheduling, configuration, software upgrade, and inventory management capabilities.

Content Security

Based on open standards such as DVB Simulcrypt, the DMS provides individual or group entitlement control with any DVB-compliant CA system. Decryption on ProView 7100 and ProView 8100 receivers is based on DVB-CI modules.

State-of-the-Art GUI

Powerful and innovative GUI tools, such as a customizable database and advanced searching, filtering and sorting tools, allow easy administration, grouping and addressing of thousands of devices.



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