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Electra XVM

The industry’s first software-based, broadcast-ready media processing platform

Electra XVM Virtualized Encoding

Leveraging the broad capabilities of the Harmonic VOS™ platform, the Harmonic Electra™ XVM virtualized media processor offers video content and service providers unparalleled function integration, increased operational flexibility and unlimited scalability. At the heart of Electra XVM is the VOS encoding module: the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™. An advanced encoding technology supporting SD and HD MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs over CBR, VBR and ABR encoding schemes, the PURE Compression Engine powers Electra XVM with superior video quality at minimum bandwidth.

As a completely virtual media processing system, Electra XVM offers a new approach to encoding and channel playout. The software-based solution includes integrated video graphics and branding, and its transport stream playout capabilities include channel origination, linear ad insertion and SCTE automation control. With its superior video quality, bandwidth efficiency and workflow flexibility, Electra XVM is sure to simplify your infrastructure, reduce costs and drive new revenue-generating services.

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  • Fully virtualized SD/HD MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC encoding for broadcast and multiscreen services
  • Harmonic PURE Compression Engine for market-leading video quality at the lowest bitrates
  • Easy-to-deploy video graphics and branding
  • Transport stream playout, enabling channel origination and linear ad insertion
  • Rich audio functionality, including Dolby Digital Plus encoding and Jünger Level Magic audio level adjustment


The Complete Guide to Software-Based Encoding

Harmonic PURE Compression Engine provides exceptional video quality, bandwidth efficiency and diverse format and codec support.

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Electra XVM Features

Compression Performance

Delivering significantly improved efficiency and simplified upgradeability over hardware-based encoders, the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs, as well as SD, HD and Ultra HD content formats for broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV delivery — including constant, variable and adaptive bitrate streaming.


Advanced noise-reduction capabilities include Harmonic’s signature motion-compensated temporal filtering (MCTF) to enhance the appearance of incoming material. Electra XVM also supports powerful deinterlacing to cleanly deliver progressive formats.

High-Quality Graphics and Branding

Electra XVM brings graphics and branding into content distribution and service delivery. Advanced capabilities, including up to eight layers of graphics, DVE squeezeback with dynamic text insertion, full slate insertion, and independent branding on each channel, enable the creation of sophisticated on-air looks and allow for separately monetized second screens.

Statmux Over IP

Electra XVM maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of statistical multiplexing through tight integration with Harmonic Flextream™ technology. Applicable for LAN or distributed WAN environments, Flextream IP supports up to 300 ms of WAN round-trip delay, auto-adjusts to IP network variations, and forms MPEG transport streams with up to 64 channels per pool.

Fully Virtualized

Based on the Harmonic VOS platform and architecture, Electra XVM provides hardware transparency and maximum operational flexibility. Virtual machine instances of Electra XVM can be turned up or down dynamically according to demand, and leverage data center MIPS capacity according to the mix of tasks performed.

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