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FilmPartners MXFserver

The project management engine for an efficient post-production infrastructure

MXF Server

FilmPartners’ MXFserver™ provides a complete set of post-production management functions allowing the pre-alignment of source materials in the workflow so that editors, graphic artists, producers and other users can easily find the materials they need for their projects. When users connect to a given project, everything needed for that project is provided. MXFserver works optimally with Harmonic MediaGrid storage because it can perform all production management functions without interfering with the data path between client workstations and storage.

MXFserver presents virtual workspaces that satisfy the operating requirements of the tools being used. Multiple users may connect concurrently to the same project, and share the same materials, with either the same or different post-production tools, providing an environment that is optimal for collaborative post-production. Virtualized workspaces also provide another substantial benefit: the master materials are always protected from accidental deletion.

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  • A universal, virtualized storage server infrastructure that supports all  leading post-production applications and tools in the industry (e.g. Avid® Media Composer, ProTools, Apple® Final Cut Pro®, Adobe® Premiere Pro, Pyramix)
  • Shared and concurrent operation on media files with bin locking or equivalent function for Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro
  • Media file virtualization, eliminating the need for copies or duplicated media and enforcing full security for the original materials
  • Editing from multiple workstations directly on Sony® XDCAM, Panasonic® P2, and QuickTime files in any codec supported by the editing system in use
  • Networked processing of AMA materials with Avid® editing applications, featuring faster AMA processing than in normal use

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Collaborative Post Production

The challenges of collaborative post-production workflow.

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FilmPartners MXFserver Features

Production Project Management

FilmPartners MXFserver creates and manages project containers for hosting all of the materials, tool-related objects, and file structures required to create a final production. These containers are not tool-centric but rather designed to become the repository for all of the components that make up the unit of work.

Project Sharing

MXFserver allows any number of users to connect to a single project for collaboration. When using tools like Avid MediaComposer, Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro, MXFserver also allows users to “lock” bins in the project structure.

Production User Management

MXFserver maintains its own directory of users and associated permissions related to MXFserver functions during the production workflow. The user directory can be synchronized to the Active Directory environment where a group can be created so that any person added to it will automatically obtain an MXFserver user ID.

Production Media Management

When media materials are brought into Harmonic MediaGrid storage for post, MXFserver assigns ownership to a hierarchy entity representing the company’s organization that will use the materials; media is never “orphaned” in MXFserver environments. Four levels of organizational hierarchy are defined to MXFserver so that appropriate access permissions can be enforced.

Resource Management

MXFserver allows the organization to define and enforce storage quotas so that any group of users in the post-production environment consumes the shared resources in an appropriate manner. The organization defines thresholds when the system will start sending warning messages to users and administrators when quotas are about to be exceeded.

Workflow Management

Users with the proper authorization can update metadata fields so that projects advance to the next phase. Project status can be used by various users to select the project that they need to work on.



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