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Deliver more channels within the same fixed bandwidth in satellite, terrestrial or cable applications

Iris Advanced Video Analytics

Based on Harmonic’s Flextream statistical multiplexing solutions, FlexAminer can help monitor and analyze the dynamics of an entire channel line-up to achieve optimum channel homogeneity/pool balancing, ultimately enhancing the viewing experience.

FlexAminer is compatible with any deployed Flextream system and collects live bitrate metrics non-intrusively with no upgrade needed. The FlexAminer dashboard is accessible via a standard web browser and is entirely user-configurable to display real-time or archived metrics (with up to one year of statistics) as a collection of different graphs for easy analysis.

The FlexAminer monitoring tool offers powerful features to address Flextream pool management requirements, including a tuning system in the deployment and provisioning phases; statmux configuration baselining and optimization; campaign assessment to analyze programming and line-up updates; and permanent monitoring to report bandwidth occupation differences over time.

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  • Analysis and baselining with up to one year of statistics
  • Per-channel or per-pool bitrate behavior monitoring
  • Non-intrusive Flextream network analysis
  • Discovery of Flextream configuration, including dynamic updates
  • Fits all hybrid headend architectures and includes both local and remote encoder support



Learn more on monitoring and analyzing your statistical multiplexing pools.

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FlexAminer Features


FlexAminer can be used at different operational stages in a digital platform lifecycle. During commissioning, it helps with initial setup checking and channel profile qualification. FlexAminer collects Flextream data in real time and processes corresponding statistical multiplexing metrics on a per-pool or per-channel basis.

Simplified Operations

The intuitive FlexAminer user interface displays Flextream performance indicators through a complete set of selectable layouts and widgets: stacked, bar, line, minimum/maximum and average gauges, pie graphs showing instantaneous and aggregated values per pool and/or channel, and live or stored metrics.

Easy to Deploy

FlexAminer comes as a stand-alone appliance on a high-performance 1-RU server platform, and is simply plugged into the Flextream network. FlexAminer is compatible with any deployed IP Flextream system based on ViBE EM1000/2000/4000 encoders and NetProcessor 9030/9040 multiplexers with no upgrade required.