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The foundation for a complete MAM solution


Harmonic’s Media Application Server (MAS) is a SOA-based platform that hosts and coordinates applications that comprise an enterprise-class content management, preparation and delivery platform: ProXplore™. MAS provides a single virtualized, federated view of all managed storage to simplify the management of media assets across your entire enterprise. Comprehensive, configurable metadata management tools enable rich categorization and organization capabilities, ensuring that content can be located and repurposed with ease.

At the core of MAS is a workflow engine that provides a common control center for all of your media processing tasks, allowing complex workflows to be orchestrated and enforced for efficient content routing. For a fully customized media asset management (MAM) solution, MAS combines standardized third-party service interfaces with comprehensive web service APIs, providing the perfect platform for your in-house-developed applications, as well as applications from Harmonic’s growing list of software development partners.

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  • Built-in media-aware services for metadata, rules, search, transfer and organization
  • Coordinates applications to optimize workflows
  • Robust development environment speeds deployment of end-user and third-party applications
  • Hosts Harmonic’s content management, preparation and delivery applications, as well as third-party and custom MAM applications
  • Integrates with Harmonic Spectrum media servers and MediaGrid storage systems, in addition to the ProMedia Carbon family


Case Study

SanLih ETelevision

Learn how SanLih ETelevision utilized Harmonic products including the asset management platform, Media Application Server.

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Media Application Server Features

Integrated Media Management Solution

MAS is delivered as an integrated software and hardware appliance that provides a collection of services for both managing and processing media. Foundation services support fundamental functions for managing media on Harmonic or third-party server and storage systems. Optional application services offer media processing capabilities such as proxy creation and transcoding.

Built-In Media Awareness

An integrated, media-centric Metadata Service automatically harvests structural metadata and populates its database, enabling automated categorization and discovery. The Metadata Service also provides extensive custom data modeling capabilities, allowing the MAS to support unique metadata models for individual organizations.

Establish Rules and Track Compliance

MAS incorporates a centralized rules engine and notification system that powers the automated processing and routing of content across Harmonic and third-party systems. Content processing and movement takes place as quickly and reliably as possible, together with support for workflow steps that require human intervention and approval.

Any Clip—From Any Desktop—Any Time

Applications powered by MAS are available to the entire enterprise using standard web browsers for easy deployment and administration. Every user of MAS is assigned a role which determines the features they are authorized to access and the set of tools available to them.

Scalable and Extensible

MAS scales to support massive client seat and content requirements. Systems are available pre-configured for redundant or clustered operation, or can be scaled as requirements evolve. Task-specific, third-party service applications can also be controlled by MAS, including captioning, file-based QC, archiving and transcoding.



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