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Spectrum MediaTools

Optimized control for Harmonic Spectrum media server systems


In a networked digital environment, broadcasters need applications that allow specific control over the material stored within their media server. Spectrum™ MediaTools provide convenient, cost-effective software solutions for maximizing the use of Harmonic Spectrum media servers. The easy-to-use applications, TrackTool and DelayTool, simplify the management, processing and playout of material within the Spectrum system and enable the integration of Spectrum servers with other third-party solutions.

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  • Enable maximum efficiency from Spectrum media server systems
  • Add multiple language tracks or descriptive audio to existing content
  • Delay playout to accommodate multiple time zones
  • Cost-effective, targeted solutions
  • Easy-to-deploy


MediaTools Productivity Software Applications

Learn more about optimized control for Harmonic Spectrum media server systems.

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MediaTools Features


TrackTool is a powerful application that allows users to modify content on a Spectrum media server, while also enabling intelligent management of the components that make up a media clip. With TrackTool, you can easily add multiple language tracks or descriptive audio commentary to existing content, as well as incorporate unique metadata about specific components.


DelayTool is a simple yet powerful Windows application for adding real-time program delay capability to Spectrum media servers, and is perfect for broadcasters with multiple time zone requirements. A single window is provided for controlling an ingest record feed and defining a transmission delay from between one to six playout channels.

Note that an integrated, onboard Delay Service is also available for the Spectrum X family of server products.