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Polaris Advance

Powerful multichannel automation for Spectrum ChannelPort integrated channel playout systems

Polaris Advance Integrated Channel Playout Automation System

Polaris™ Advance provides optimized control of Spectrum™ ChannelPort and associated third-party devices within IT and hybrid broadcast infrastructures. Based on a 64-bit client-server architecture, the system enables control of up to four ChannelPort channels from a single operator position, with clear visibility of operations for efficient channel management, along with direct desktop view of playout and ingest monitoring.

Polaris Advance’s highly flexible and rich user interface can be optimized for individual and group accessibility, exception handling and resource access. This capability effectively improves service loading and workflow efficiency by simplifying the operator experience. Desktop layouts can be fixed to streamline operational practices and minimize errors.

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  • Automation control for Spectrum ChannelPort with full 1:1 redundancy
  • Unicode compliance enables operation in multiple languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Japanese
  • Automatic media caching from near-line storage to the main server, or to both main and backup servers in redundant systems
  • File import from traffic systems with BXF and Excel interfaces
  • Enables the creation of on-air schedules, providing a view of all available clips both in transmission and near-line storage

Industry Spotlight

Louisiana Public Broadcasting

Learn how Louisiana Public Broadcasting have utilized both Spectrum playout and Polaris automation servers to support their master control operations.

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Polaris Advance Features


Polaris Advance’s SmartList playlist technology enables the control of highly reactive channels with frequent late scheduling changes. It can handle multiple event types and classifications, different event start and end types, as well as over-running or under-running events. Playlist changes can be made close to air, and drag-and-drop functionality makes the system intuitive to use.


The optional SmartPanel enables frequently used features to be isolated onto a customizable on-screen panel with dedicated buttons. The operator can take manual control of Polaris Advance, ChannelPort and external devices, which also improves reporting and traceability.

Comprehensive User Rights Management

Engineering, operator and view-only privileges are simple to reconfigure, and include the control of encoders and decoders, the ability to access and transfer media to and from near-line storage, control and editing privileges for the playlist, and customization of the user interface.

Scalability, Redundancy, Upgrade Path

Polaris Advance packages are scalable from one to four channels, and from one to four clients. Each configuration is available as a redundant version, with fully automatic change-over. For further resilience, media is transferred from near-line storage to both the main and redundant system, and databases are mirrored across both systems.



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