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Polaris Elite

Powerful, scalable playout automation for Spectrum media servers

Polaris Elite

Polaris Elite from Harmonic combines architectural flexibility, exceptional system resiliency and extensibility to meet the evolving needs of today’s rapidly changing media environments. Part of the Polaris family of playout management tools, this powerful automation system optimizes control of Spectrum MediaPort real-time I/O and ChannelPort integrated channel playout (ICP) systems, and associated third-party devices, within IT and hybrid broadcast infrastructures.

Polaris Elite employs the latest development tools and methodologies to provide a feature-rich automation solution that scales economically from a single channel to hundreds of services across geographically dispersed locations. The system can be architected to fit complex and rapidly evolving master control environments, and its modular applications and standard IT hardware implementation combine to offer a rich, highly adaptable platform.

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Automation control for hundreds of Spectrum ingest and playout channels

Redundant configurations offer fully automatic changeover

Central SQL database for media tracking and status

Traffic system integration, including BXF and Microsoft® Excel® interfaces

Support for automatic media caching from near-line storage to playout servers, including main and backup in redundant systems


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Polaris Elite Features

Solution Flexibility

Polaris Elite delivers flawless control of a wide variety of channel types in any combination, whether live with unpredictable content, regional opt-outs and simulcast requirements, or simple clip-based channels.

Branding Versatility

Polaris Elite provides added value by automating the creation of complex elements driven by single- or cross-channel program schedules, metadata and contextual variables to deliver run-time promotions.

IT Economics

Employing the latest software development technologies, Polaris Elite uses standard hardware platforms to benefit from ongoing generic advances in IT processing. Clients, channels and devices can be scaled independently of each other, and the necessary processing power can be added as required to help accelerate the launch of new services.

Low Power Consumption

The system delivers highly efficient use of the underlying hardware to optimize the load in every server and ensure a compact system design for reduced CAPEX.

Investment Protection

Polaris Elite’s architectural flexibility allows system designs that balance resource and operational requirements. The system’s suite of capabilities is built using modular services blocks, providing users the freedom to design and modify systems based on their logistics, operations, personnel, technological resources and future business models.



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