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Polaris Live

Fully customizable touchscreen control for Spectrum ChannelPort channel-in-a-box solutions

Polaris Live Manual Device Control Application

Polaris™ Live from Harmonic is a PC-based application that enhances manual control of Harmonic Spectrum™ media server and ChannelPort™ integrated channel playout systems by consolidating complex functions into simple buttons on a touchscreen user interface. The interface may be as simple or as sophisticated as an operator requires, and provides effortless control of the on-air playout chain.

Polaris Live leverages the power of Spectrum ChannelPort to offer an ideal solution for live control environments that need on-demand playout capabilities. The user-defined GUI offers an intuitive approach to managing clips and audio, switching between live sources, mixing clips and live sources, and adding video and audio effects, DVE moves and squeezebacks, and multi-layer graphics. The result is a simplified approach to achieving high-quality, sophisticated on-air looks generated with a minimal number of single-function devices — and fewer operators than previously possible.

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  • Flexible, user-defined, on-air control and monitoring via touchscreen
  • Intuitive control of Spectrum ChannelPort and best-of-breed third-party devices
  • Simplify repetitive tasks and complex workflows
  • Combine multiple simultaneous events on a single button for accurate, reliable playback
  • Ideal for multi-channel and multiple-operator environments

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Polaris Live Features

Simplicity and Scalability

Polaris Live is Windows-based and uses a simple drag-and-drop designer to build panels. The interface is designed to be operated by either touchscreen or keyboard and mouse, and is fully scalable from single-channel to complex multi-channel environments.

Polaris Live Designer

The Polaris Live Designer is used to create new panels, or to modify standard designs supplied by Harmonic, providing operators with the precise speed and accuracy of control demanded in today’s sophisticated, multi-channel playout environments. Buttons, faders and drop-down menus are simply dragged onto the panel and their functions assigned, including combining multiple, simultaneous rules to enable and disable other controls on the panel.

Polaris Live Panel

The Polaris Live panel runs on a Windows PC operator station and is used to control ChannelPort and other connected devices via the Ethernet network. The operator can access multiple panels, each with different layouts and capabilities appropriate to the workflow needed for their environment.

Polaris Live Licensing

Polaris Live licenses are purchased depending on the number of operator stations and devices that need to be controlled. Facility managers can give panel design licenses to a limited number of staff and then deploy the tested and approved panels to the relevant operator stations.



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