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ProStream XVM

A fully virtualized stream processor with absolutely no compromise on video quality

Harmonic ProStream XVM

The Harmonic ProStream® XVM virtualized video stream processor leverages advances in IT infrastructure to provide high-performance, high-throughput stream processing for mission-critical MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC delivery applications. The software-based offering is designed to run on common hardware platforms in IT data center environments, and pairs with the Harmonic Electra™ XVM media processor to deliver a completely virtualized, broadcast-ready solution for scrambling, multiplexing, remultiplexing and statistical multiplexing of SD and HD video.

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  • Software-based control for Harmonic DiviTrackIP™ statmux pools
  • IP networking and mirroring of SD and HD video streams
  • DVB CSA2 and IPTV AES scrambling
  • Advanced multiplexing of any service from any input to any output
  • MPEG-2 transport stream over RTP/UDP for IP output


ProStream XVM

Learn more about our fully virtualized stream processor with absolutely no compromise on video quality.


ProStream XVM Features

Fully Virtualized

Virtual machine instances of ProStream XVM can be turned up or down dynamically according to demand, and leverage data center MIPS capacity according to the mix of tasks performed. This flexibility is delivered with absolutely no compromise on video quality or system functionality.

Statistical Multiplexing over IP

Harmonic’s DiviTrackIP™ option integrates statistical multiplexing and IP switching by connecting ProStream XVM systems with remote Harmonic Electra XVM encoders across a LAN or WAN, allowing any ProStream XVM in the network to efficiently manage the encoders’ statmux pools. ProStream XVM also supports regional statmux capability for the terrestrial market, allowing a single encoding instance to be part of multiple DiviTrackIP pools.

Control and Management

Processing on ProStream XVM is easily configured and controlled with Harmonic’s NMX™ Digital Service Manager video management system, a service-oriented solution for mass configuring, monitoring and automated redundancy in centralized or distributed architectures.

Conditional Access

The ProStream XVM processor’s industry-leading SimulCrypt Synchronizer (SCS) core supports DVB CSA2 and AES encryption technologies, and allows for the simultaneous connections of up to 30 different CAS systems. AES Fixed Key scrambling and descrambling are also supported.

“Pay As You Grow” Scalability

As processing needs evolve, ProStream XVM makes it easy to incrementally add or upgrade I/O modules and firmware licenses, simplifying scalability and extending the system’s value.