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Spectrum MediaDirector

Powerful, flexible data management for Spectrum media servers


MediaDirector system controllers are the core of the Spectrum media server system, actively managing the flow of data to and from other Spectrum components, such as MediaStore 5000 storage arrays, MediaPort 7000 real-time I/O modules and ChannelPort integrated channel playout systems. The controllers provide the necessary processing power and interface connections to support a wide range of configurations and workflows.

MediaDirector systems can be dedicated to both real-time and IP packet processing. Up to three systems can be linked together for scaling of channels or IP bandwidth — or both. MediaDirectors, individually or grouped, strictly manage overall system bandwidth to ensure uninterrupted real-time operations, even under heavy IP file-transfer loads. A number of interfaces for both internal and external connectivity are available.

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  • Integrates file system, system management, communication and all connectivity for Spectrum media servers
  • 12-Gbps SAS 3.0 interfaces on MediaDirector 2251B and 2252B, 6-Gbps SAS 2.0 interfaces on MediaDirector 2251 and 2252 systems
  • Up to 16 high-speed media I/O ports
  • Enables maximum scalability of Spectrum channels and IP bandwidth
  • Supports multiple diagnostic, monitoring and notification features for Spectrum system resiliency and availability


Introduction to the Harmonic iMCR

Learn more about the evolution of the master control room.

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Spectrum MediaDirector Features


A Spectrum system built around MediaDirector can be expanded to a maximum of four MediaStore 5000 storage arrays, each containing up to 24 disk drives. Three MediaDirector units can be connected to the same file system via an Extended File Sharing (EFS) license.

Fast and Reliable

MediaDirector 2251B and 2252B systems are designed with a real-time Linux OS for fast startup and secure, reliable operation. MediaDirector 2251 and 2252 possess a Flash®-based OS. All MediaDirector controllers utilize software RAID file system management for efficient recovery of data in the event of a disk drive failure.

External Clock Synchronization

An LTC input on MediaDirector supports TOD clock.


MediaDirector supports multiple diagnostic, monitoring and notification features for system resiliency and maximum up time, and may be configured to automatically rebuild protected RAID sets in hot spare configurations.