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Spectrum MediaPort 7000

I/O support for a broad range of formats, channel counts and record/play capabilities


Spectrum MediaPort 7000 I/O modules perform system-wide encoding and decoding for real-time ingest and playout of content on the Spectrum media server platform. The modules attach to Spectrum in manageable increments so that systems can be configured to meet exact requirements for channel count and video compression formats. When expansion is needed, additional MediaPort 7000 modules can be added while Spectrum remains up and running. MediaPorts for different media formats can be combined within a single Spectrum system, including support for both SD and HD at the same time. Every channel can be individually controlled by an automation system or a hardware controller.

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  • I/O support for a wide range of codecs, all available for back-to-back playout on Spectrum media servers
  • Built-in up/down/cross conversion with no channel count or performance penalties
  • SD/HD simulcast outputs on every channel
  • Available real-time creation of H.264 proxy during ingest
  • Low power consumption

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Spectrum MediaPort 7000 Features


Each MediaPort 7000 chassis holds up to two modules, and each module provides two bidirectional channels. Different modules can be mixed in a single enclosure. Modules are independent and can be added to an empty slot at any time, and can also be replaced without disrupting operations on the other modules.

Broad Codec and Wrapper Support

Codec support on MediaPort 7000 includes SD/HD MPEG-2, SD DV, DVCPRO HD, XDCAM HD, AVC-Intra, ProRes 422 and VC-3. All codecs present in the module are available for seamless, frame-accurate back-to-back playout. Supported media wrappers are QuickTime reference and self-contained MXF OP1a and OP1b.


Built-in up, down and cross-conversion are standard with every HD-capable MediaPort 7000 module. Cross-conversion allows playout of 720p material on a 1080i channel, and vice-versa, without channel-count or performance penalties.

SD/HD Simulcast

Simulcast is available on every channel, where SD-only channels include two identical outputs and HD-capable channels include two independently configurable outputs. An HD video channel can be presented in both 720p and 1080i.

System Options

MediaPort 7000 modules offer a proxy option that enables simultaneous generation of both low- and high-resolution clips during recording. Chroma sampling options are available for 4:2:2, 4:2:0 and 4:1:1, as appropriate for the operating point.

Easy Serviceability

MediaPort 7000 I/O modules and power supplies are hot swappable and can be installed or replaced without disrupting on-air operation.