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Spectrum MediaStore

Scalable SAS shared storage for Spectrum media servers

Spectrum MediaStore

Spectrum™ MediaStore provides scalable and reliable high-performance disk-based shared storage for Spectrum media server systems. The MediaStore storage array connects to Spectrum MediaDirector 2251, 2252, 2251B and 2252B system controllers, and contains 24 high-performance serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives. With disk capacity options of 300 GB, 600 GB or 1.2 TB, broadcasters can access up to 124 TB of usable online storage, making it easy to tailor a Spectrum system to their exact needs.

The Spectrum MediaStore 7200 provides high-performance external storage for the Spectrum MediaCenter 2200B media server. Featuring 12 or 24 drives and a choice of 2-, 4- or 6-TB hot-swappable enterprise drives, the MediaStore 7200 provides raw storage capacity of 24-144 TB.

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  • Spectrum MediaStore 5100 for MediaDirector system controllers
  • Spectrum MediaStore 7200 for the MediaCenter 2200B integrated server
  • Up to 24 high-performance SAS drives per chassis, and multiple disk capacity options
  • Redundant hot-swappable power supplies with redundant fans and separate power cables


MediaStore 5100

MediaStore 5100 storage arrays provide scalable and reliable high-performance, disk-based shared storage for Spectrum™ media server systems.

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Spectrum MediaStore Features


Each hot-swappable drive in a MediaStore 5100 enclosure is connected via two integral SAS expanders. Storage capacity can be added at any time without disrupting on-air operations, while SAS connectivity between MediaStore and MediaDirector chassis guarantees the bandwidth required for real-time media operations. Up to six MediaStore chassis can be daisy-chained in a single Spectrum system.

MediaStore 7200 provides optional expansion storage to increase the internal capacity and performance of MediaCenter 2200B integrated servers. Featuring cost-effective, Ethernet-based drives and superior, consistent performance for media workflows, MediaStore 7200 is ideal for customers utilizing high bitrate codecs and 3G or UHD rasters.

High Throughput

All MediaStore systems are designed for high throughput of large media files. MediaStore connects to MediaDirector system controllers via two 12-Gbps SAS interfaces, while MediaStore 7200 connects to MediaCenter 2200B via a dual 12-Gb SAS fabric. Since all disk subsystem management is provided in software by MediaDirector and MediaCenter — including all file system and RAID information — no hardware controller is required.