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Spectrum XE

CiaB playout integrated with premium-quality encoding and transcoding


In today’s complex media environment, TV broadcasters and operators must support ever-larger channel lineups, including regional or international variants of existing channels, new thematic linear programs, and over-the-top (OTT) versions of established channels. The Spectrum XE (formerly FUZE-1) playout system addresses this challenge with integrated playout, encoding and rendering, as well as high scalability and availability. With Spectrum XE’s innovative IT-based design, operators can define flexible playout workflows in either the compressed or the uncompressed domain.

The Spectrum XE defines a new breed of IT-based playout solution tailored for SD/HD channel origination, manipulation and delivery. It offers a complete array of channel-in-a-box (CiaB) features to control and deliver new channels — and to meet broadcasters’ requirements for easy-to-deploy, easy-to-operate and easy-to-monitor facilities. It’s the perfect solution for originating broadcast and multiscreen channels, and for cost-effectively regionalizing downstream programs (with ad replacement and branding).

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  • Advanced CiaB feature set, including graphics overlays, logos, animations, text crawls and DVE
  • Multiple user-selectable playout modes
  • Baseband switching with dynamic decoding and re-encoding
  • Built-in automation with advanced playlist controls
  • Media asset management


Spectrum XE

Learn more about the CiaB playout server, integrated with premium-quality encoding and transcoding

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Spectrum XE Features

Flexible Multichannel Playout

Spectrum XE extends playout to the uncompressed domain with premium re-encoding capabilities and advanced audio/video processing. Operators can also remain in the compressed domain, dedicated to splicing MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC transport streams, which brings two main advantages: it keeps the quality of the incoming live or file sources intact, and offers high channel density.

Integrated Automation

Spectrum XE comes with built-in automation, which manages all channel schedules frame-accurately and provides powerful control and monitoring utilities. The automation system drives each channel with one or more playlists that define live or file-based events, as well as graphics overlays, as either primary or secondary events.

Intuitive GUI

The Spectrum XE graphical user interface includes intuitive playlist editing and control features, and a set of advanced monitoring views for reporting the status of multiple, simultaneous channels. Spectrum XE automation can also interface with external traffic and billing or master control systems via a BXF-standard interface.

Smart Asset Manager

Spectrum XE also allows transport-stream file provisioning through an FTP interface. The Spectrum XE Media Library makes all these sources available for editing and playback, and also receives all overlay graphics. A native Smart Asset Manager tool handles video clip provisioning according to the channel schedules.

Reliable and Scalable

Spectrum XE runs on a best-of-breed, IT-based 1-RU server featuring a dual RAID system, hot-swappable redundant power supplies and scalable storage. Optional GbE ASI and SDI physical interfaces are available.