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Premium SD Encoder

ViBE EM2000

Establishing a new benchmark for SD encoding


Combining compression efficiency features with the latest preprocessing techniques, the ViBE EM2000 SD encoder delivers clearer pictures with increased depth and clarity. As a result, broadcasters can effectively and competently distribute video across all networks and thus sustain a viable business model — while also allowing their customers to enjoy a premium viewing experience.

The ViBE EM2000 encoder line can be configured in single-channel or multi-channel units. The latter offers the advantage of both a reduced footprint and lower power consumption per channel. Each channel can be independently configured for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 encoding, extending the possibilities for hybrid applications. The ViBE EM1000/2000 encoders are compatible with Dolby Digital and AAC audio compression formats and support up to eight stereo pairs of audio.

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  • Software is switchable between MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) and MPEG-2 encoding
  • Pixel based preprocessing engine for high efficiency, low bit-rate operation for bandwidth-critical networks
  • Dolby E decoding with autoswitch out, Dolby Surround encoding
  • Logo and custom slide insertion
  • DVB subtitling transcoder


ViBE EM2000

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ViBE EM2000 Features

Premium Video Compression

The ViBE EM2000 combines a powerful pixel-based pre-processor for smart filtering and pre-analysis of video with a high-efficiency encoder. Pre-compressed sources are cleaned of blocking artifacts or noise, have uniformly encoded textures for better rendering, and feature sharp edges. As a result, broadcasters can maintain full resolution encoding at very low bitrates.


The ViBE EM2000 is available in single- or multi-channel versions where each channel can be individually configured for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 encoding, extending the possibilities for hybrid applications. This approach reduces solution size and lower power consumption per channel.

Unique Feature Set

The ViBE EM2000 offers effective audio loudness control, which meets recent ITU specifications. In addition, its unique FlexService technology merges data and video in the same statistical multiplexing pool to optimizes bandwidth usage. A robust DVB subtitle transcoder features smart teletext auto-correction outperforms external solutions.