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ViBE EM4000

Superior bandwidth efficiency for broadcasters seeking to deploy more HD and SD channels


The ViBE® encoder brand is synonymous with premium, high-quality video compression. ViBE encoders utilize the most advanced compression technologies available, gained from 20 years of know-how in encoder algorithm optimization. The ViBE EM4000 premium HD/SD encoder is especially well-suited for satellite, terrestrial broadcast and cable or IPTV applications, as well as various other kinds of content aggregation.

Not only does the ViBE EM4000 save rack space and power (consuming less than 60 W per video channel), it also allows great flexibility in 8+8 channel architectures by enabling operators to change the configuration of a full transponder instantly. At its heart is a decoupled processing engine driving the Harmonic Mustang 2.0 next-generation compression algorithm. Mustang 2.0 increases HD MPEG-4 AVC encoding efficiency thanks to improved motion estimation, refined multi-pass encoding and advanced preprocessing.

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    • Superior SD/HD MPEG-4 AVC video encoding
    • Mustang 2.0 compression with advanced preprocessing
    • Up to eight HD channels per RU
    • AC-3, E-AC-3 and AAC/HE-AAC support
    • Dolby E and SMPTE 2020 to HE-AAC 5.1 transcoding with metadata and auto switch out



ViBE EM4000

Learn about the superior bandwidth efficiency for broadcasters seeking to deploy more HD and SD channels.

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ViBE EM4000 Features

Picture Perfect Video Delivery

The ViBE EM4000 encoder delivers the highest compression performance in all formats, allowing users to broadcast more channels per multiplex. Broadcast-grade SD-to-HD up-conversion allows a full HD channel lineup offering; combined with premium HD AVC encoding, the ViBE EM4000 delivers better picture quality than SD MPEG-2 at the same bitrate.

Optimized Statmux

When combined with the Harmonic Flextream 2.0 statistical multiplexing solution, the ViBE EM4000 further optimizes bandwidth usage by including non-video components in the statmux pool, and minimizes the number of encoders required for regionalization.

Extensive Audio Capabilities

The audio encoding features of the ViBE EM4000 are equally impressive. With integrated Dolby® Digital (AC-3) and Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) 5.1 surround-sound encoding, it is possible to deliver audio that matches the high quality of the video. In addition to E-AC-3, the ViBE EM4000 features the latest AAC audio compression for ultra-low bandwidth utilization.

Simplified & Evolving Headends

To reduce the headend footprint and simplify operations, the ViBE EM4000 provides up to eight HD channels per rack unit. Baseband or compressed input is available to fit any architecture and provide secure redundancy schemes. The encoder simplifies workflows with additional features such as Jünger Level Magic™ automatic loudness control.