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VOS Flex

Powering Harmonic's award-winning ViBE family of encoding and transcoding solutions

VOS Flex

VOS Flex provides a software layer that enables live transcoding, branding, and other A/V processing functions in the cloud and on virtualized platforms, in addition to physical, on-premises resources. The software optimizes physical, virtual, and cloud services through a sophisticated load balancer that takes maximum advantage of all available resources.

In a typical hybrid cloud deployment, VOS Flex can be used to operate multiple platforms at once. For instance, the operation might rely on a group of dedicated on-premises Harmonic products acting as a typical compression headend, with a separate group of VMs provisioned in a private generic data center to enable fast deployment of broadcast services when needed, such as when adding video channels during a special sporting event. Finally, additional compression services can be deployed in a public cloud infrastructure. VOS Flex can automatically manage and control all of these resources through a single dashboard; operators are free to focus on other aspects of the broadcast. Plus, they can pick the resource or platform most appropriate for a particular service and launch the service quickly according to marketing requirements.

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  • A/V processing in the cloud, on virtual platforms, and on-premises
  • Operate multiple platforms at once
  • Deploy additional compression services in a public cloud infrastructure
  • Manage and control all resources through a single dashboard
  • Simplifies operations

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VOS Flex Features

Simplify Operations

VOS Flex reduces OPEX by simplifying operations such as monitoring and provisioning. It can automatically manage and control cloud, virtual, and on-premises resources through a single dashboard.

Fast Deployment

Operators can select the ideal resource or platform for a particular service and launch that service quickly.