VOS® Cloud-Native Software leverages the flexibility of cloud-native infrastructures to power the world’s most demanding and complex playout, broadcast and OTT systems. Our solution runs on a wide range of COTS hardware and virtualization layers for complete flexibility. It powers millions of simultaneous streams, thousands of live channels, countless VOD requests and hundreds of petabytes of storage and delivery.

From source to screen

From source to screen

It's now simple to launch and manage end-to-end professional media workflows in your data center. Ingest live or file sources, playout new channels and process all content for OTT and broadcast, with ease.

Quality core compression

Quality core compression

The VOS software has built-in and globally deployed core compression technology that gives you the power, up to UHD. With advanced AI compression you’ll use half of the typical bandwidth needed for OTT.

Agile delivery

Agile delivery

With the most complete feature set you have unrivalled versatility. You get live streaming, time shifting, network DVR, targeted ad insertion, and broadcast with full statmux capability in one platform.

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Portable from the core with simple integration

VOS Cloud-Native Software is created from the ground up as a cloud-native platform. It operates seamlessly on both private data centers and public clouds depending on your preference.

Built around docker containers and microservices, VOS uses Kubernetes orchestration. It offers a rich API set and a range of easy to use features accessible at any time through an intuitive user interface.

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Infrastructure neutral & complete compatibility

The VOS Cloud-Native Software supports a wide range of COTS hardware and virtualization layers: Kubernetes, OpenStack, Openshift, and other bare metal configurations.

This neutrality gives you the advantage so you can easily align with your IT and business preferences.

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Advanced orchestration from end-to-end

The orchestrator connects and synchronizes all microservices for every workflow, end-to-end. You can say goodbye the headache of siloed systems.

It abstracts and manages IT infrastructures using load balancing mechanisms to optimize the use of your resources and manage redundancy with minimum overhead.

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VOS Cloud-Native Software works for you

  • Launch broadcast and OTT everywhere TV services, fast.
  • Brand and playout channels to millions of subscribers.
  • Leverage targeted advertising to increase your return on investment.
  • Expand your on-prem system in a mere instant using the public cloud.
  • Total agility using a pre-paid capacity model allows you to shuffle spending at any time based on your business needs.


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