Unifying the entire media processing chain, from ingest through delivery, our cloud-native VOS®Cluster allows content owners and pay-TV operators to launch new video channels fast while running simpler and leaner operations on-premise.



Deploy your video workflow via standard IT on-prem infrastructure.



Keep full control over your OTT and IPTV workflow.



Once ready, migrate to the public cloud easily.



Pay only for what you use with our usage-based pricing model.

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Business elasticity

VOS Cluster provides full control over video processing and preparation flows while allowing hardware choice flexibility. By offering flexible business models for a term or pay per usage lets you take control of your business, capital, and operational expenses.


All capabilities are orchestrated from a single, intuitive user interface. A persona-defined user experience enables customized interactions with the software based on the user’s role within the organization. Configuration, deployment, and management of the system are made easy through automated video formation technology which simplifies operations and support.

Workflow flexibility

As a cloud-native, full IP solution, VOS Cluster supports all traditional compressed formats, MPEG-2, AVC and HEVC over IP, as well as uncompressed over IP standards, SMPTE 2022-6, 2110. OTT and IPTV services are fully supported with our hybrid SaaS and now include broadcast services with statistical multiplexing, maximizing video quality over a given bandwidth.

PURE power

Encoding and transcoding on VOS Cluster is powered by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine. It supports a wide range of formats, codecs and encoding schemes to enable broadcast-quality video at low bitrates. Easily enhance the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine with EyeQ content-aware encoding for even more bandwidth savings.

Accelerated time to market

Adding a new video channel to the lineup is straightforward and requires just a few steps from the operator. There’s no need to choose the target, VOS Cluster will automatically deploy and allocate compute resources based on a node’s resource availability.


Services can be upgraded independently and new capabilities can be added with each new software release. Custom development to optimize integration with third-party software is also available. And because VOS Cluster runs on off the-shelf Intel® servers, you benefit from the ongoing performance gains of general-purpose CPUs.

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