Bringing video to life on any device

Harmonic is changing the way the world watches television, while also bringing unprecedented scalability, agility and cost savings to cable access networks. Our comprehensive video delivery solutions, from cloud-native media processing to software-based CCAP solutions, power everything from emerging Ultra HD with HDR encoding schemes to cutting-edge multiscreen ecosystems to high-speed broadband delivery, making every type of media accessible on every type of screen.

Terrestrial Broadcast Soluions

Terrestrial Broadcast

From MPEG-2 to AVC to HEVC, new formats and delivery methods continue to evolve. To succeed, today’s broadcasters require the ability to deliver superior video for multiple services over constrained networks with bullet-proof reliability.



No company has more edgeQAMs in active service globally, or partners as effectively with leading cable operators to build strategies for the deployment of video, data and voice services over fiber and coax.



Driving transponder efficiency. Supporting legacy STBs. Launching new VOD and adaptive bitrate streaming services. At Harmonic we help satellite pay-TV operators turn these challenges into business opportunities.



Leading the industry in density and scalability, Harmonic IPTV headend solutions help to reduce CAPEX and OPEX while preserving superior-quality video.

OTT Multiscreen Solutions


From live streaming to video on demand, Harmonic helps programmers and service providers deliver that experience across any IP network.


Content Programming

Harmonic provides a complete portfolio of solutions that help you create, store, brand and transport pristine video and audio with unrivaled performance, efficiency and scalability.