Cloud-Native Media Processing

Incredible Video Quality, Dramatically Simplified Cloud-Based Operations

Unifying the entire media processing chain, from ingest through delivery, Harmonic cloud technology allows content creators and pay-TV operators to launch new video channels fast, and to run simpler, leaner operations.

Launch Fast. Run Lean.

The VOS Cloud software can be installed on any hardware platform in the headend or data center, or as part of any private or public cloud deployment environment. VOS 360 is a fully hosted service that retains the exceptional video quality, reliability and 24/7 support that Harmonic is known for.

Benefits of the Cloud

Efficient Workflows

VOS Cloud and VOS 360 both feature six primary microservices that conform to the essential functions in media processing: Ingest, Playout, Graphics, Transcoding, Encryption and Delivery. Highly efficient workflows are built by simply selecting capabilities within each of these functionalities. Template-based workflows are also available, allowing for rapid, consistent configuration of system resources.

Business Agility

As cloud-native applications, VOS Cloud and VOS 360 feature the hallmarks of openness, scalability and agility. Support for OpenStack deployment environments and Harmonic APIs let you work the way you want, while usage-based pricing assures that you pay only for the functions actually used, helping you save on CAPEX and OPEX.

Operational Simplicity

Configuration, deployment and management of Harmonic cloud solutions are made easy through our automated video workflow formation technology.
Operational simplicity is enhanced further by VOS’s ability to automatically deploy and load balance compute resources based on compute node availability.

Increased Flexibility

In a cloud-based environment, the CPU can be used one day for live encoding and the next day for origin delivery, depending on the operator’s needs. All of this can be done via a simple, intuitive GUI that makes managing media processing tasks fast and easy compared with traditional infrastructure.

Smart Economics

Cloud technology offers significant commercial benefits, particularly in terms of reducing the financial barriers to launching new channels and services. The cloud requires limited capital investment; operators can pay per use, eliminating the need to spend millions of dollars in equipment costs to introduce a new service or to designate toward an occasional use channel.

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Using the VOS 360 Web Interface

Being a relatively new OTT operator, we were looking for a video infrastructure solution with little to no CAPEX investment. Video quality and ease-of-use were also key priorities.

Mirwan Suwarso, director at SuperSoccer

Harmonic Cloud-Native Media Processing with VOS Cloud and VOS 360

VOS Cloud is a comprehensive software offering that operates on any hardware platform in your headend or data center, as well as over private or public clouds. With VOS Cloud, ingest, playout, graphics, transcoding, encryption and delivery are all managed from a single, intuitive, intent-driven UI.

VOS 360 is a dedicated end-to-end video cloud service built exclusively for media professionals. By removing the need to build out a physical plant to launch your service, and by offering pay-as-you-go pricing, VOS 360 dramatically alters the economics of OTT content delivery.