UHD with statistical multiplexing, HDR processing, uncompressed IP inputs, and integrated packaging, Electra® XOS was made for simplifying live video workflows in any deployment environment.


Electra XOS

Learn more about how the fully converged platform was made for delivery to all screens.


Flawless UHD

Simply convert between SDR, HDR formats, and color spaces, including HDR-10, HLG, BT.709, BT.2020. Feeding legacy networks requiring SDR from a HDR source is easy, as is maintaining a constant output SDR/HDR format from sources with various dynamic ranges.

Future-proof solution

This live video processor features a common software architecture that is shared with the cloud so that you can rapidly respond to market needs and immediately benefit from performance increases.

Flexible application

Address legacy infrastructures with SDI support and full IP architectures without any single point of failure along with hitless source redundancy. It supports compressed formats and the latest SMPTE 2110 standard with or without mezzanine compression.

Prepare for cloud transition

Connect your Electra XOS video processor to the Harmonic Hub for instant access to our experts, faster software upgrades, direct connection to Harmonic DevOps, and immediate extension of your platform for new services or disaster recovery.

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