Polaris™ Live elevates the capabilities of channel-in-a-box (CIAB) solutions with fully customizable touchscreen control of video, graphics, DVE, routing and video and audio effects in master control and production environments.


Polaris Live

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Polaris Live FEATURES

Simplicity & scalability

Consolidate complex functions into simple buttons on a touchscreen user interface. The interface may be as simple or as sophisticated as an operator requires and provides effortless control of the on-air playout chain.

Polaris Live designer

Use to create new panels, or to modify standard designs with the precise speed and accuracy of control. Buttons, faders and dropdown menus are simply dragged onto the panel and their functions assigned, including combining multiple, simultaneous rules to enable and disable other controls on the panel.

Polaris Live panel

Runs on a Windows PC operator station and is used to control connected devices via the Ethernet network. The operator can access multiple panels, each with different layouts and capabilities appropriate to the workflow needed for their environment.

Polaris Live licensing

Purchase depending on the number of operator stations and devices that need to be controlled. Facility managers can give panel design licenses to a limited number of staff and then deploy the tested and approved panels to the relevant operator stations.


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