Manage ingest, playlist, graphics, branding, DVE and master control switching with Polaris™ Play. It is a complete, cost-effective CiaB automation system that unleashes the true power of branded channel playout on the Spectrum™ server platform.


Polaris Play

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Polaris Play FEATURES

Playlist control

The Polaris Play toolbox includes a suite of license-keyed applications for automating the essential elements of a broadcast workflow. At the heart of the solution is the Playlist Control service, which runs on Spectrum and manages the playlists for all channels. Mirroring capability is also available for main and backup servers.


Content capture from baseband sources is controlled via the easy-to-use Polaris Play Ingest client. Automated recording with Spectrum servers can be performed via a schedule, crash record, or through direct control of source VTRs.


Tight integration of Polaris Play with Polaris Live manual device control application allows the same play-to-air hardware to fulfill both scheduled and live playout roles. The result is an integrated MCR (iMCR) environment that further simplifies workflows and helps accelerate the launch of new revenue-generating channels.

Event control

Program elements such as graphic branding, DVE, effects, audio mixing and switching make up the secondary events normally associated with each primary event. Polaris Play can control up to eight simultaneous layers, each of which can comprise complex events, graphics and animations.


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