ProSwitch is a compact, stand-alone system for applications requiring fast, dense and reliable 2:1 MPEG-2 transport stream redundancy switching for when downtime is not an option.


Overcome challenges using DVB-T/T2

Discover Harmonic's complete DTT solution for DVB-T/T2 broadcasters.


Highly configurable testing

Measure the health of incoming streams via a wide range of configurable tests. It supports TR 101 290 tests (Priority 1/2/3) to provide a complete health-status check of your digital DVB network. The unit also supports testing and monitoring models that provide the same level of comprehensive information for ATSC environments.

Reliable service

The switch is equipped with dual power supplies/plugs to maximize service availability and maintains service delivery via a smart and configurable bypass mechanism on the GbE and ASI interfaces — even in case of power failure.

Delay compensation capability

Simultaneously analyze delayed input streams (from several milliseconds to several seconds) with the delayed compensation capability. If one input is detected as being corrupted, the unit compensates for the time difference and switches seamlessly to the uncorrupted stream without any disturbance to end users.

Seamless switching for DVB-T/T2

By preserving the SFN structure of the incoming transport streams, perform seamless switching for DVB-T/T2 terrestrial networks. In DVB-T, ProSwitch can realign the mega-frame structures, generated by the upstream SFN adapters. In a DVB-T2 environment, it also realigns the T2-MI streams generated by the upstream DVB-T2 gateways.


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