The single-channel commercial decoder and descrambler is a compact, fully featured unit for general-purpose primary distribution applications and workflow efficiency.


ProView 8100

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ProView 8100 FEATURES

Workflow flexibility

The general-purpose design of the ProView 8100 allows the unit to be used in a wide range of solutions, including basic monitoring up to and including end-point delivery in distribution networks.

Business continuity

The trend towards HD and MPEG-4 AVC content distribution creates business continuity issues with legacy receivers. The ProView 8100 can be repurposed via firmware upgrades for different uses and new applications, such as migration from SD MPEG-2 to HD AVC.

Rich set of interfaces

The 1-RU ProView 8100 includes a choice of two or four independent RF ports, DVB-ASI and IP inputs and outputs, and 3G HD-SDI and HDMI outputs. The unit also supports extraction of encapsulated video content as Multiprotocol Encapsulation (MPE) data for offline distribution.

Expanding channel lineups

Integrating DVB-S/S2 demodulation and the ability to stream descrambled content over IP, the ProView 8100 enables operators to quickly and cost-effectively launch new services by leveraging their existing IP or legacy ASI infrastructure.


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