Award-winning statistical multiplexing solution

Enabling high-quality aggregation of geographically diverse signals into a single statistical multiplex, Harmonic’s DiviTrackIP™ technology dramatically increases bandwidth efficiency, flexibility and cost savings for video content and service providers. Our solution frees up bandwidth for video, as well as for other variable bitrate service components such as audio, Teletext, subtitling and closed captioning, allowing it to be reallocated to improve video quality effortlessly.

Harmonic’s Emmy® winning closed-loop statistical multiplexing technology, DiviTrackIP, is featured in our market-leading Electra® encoders and ProStream® stream processing platforms for multiplexing and scrambling. Harmonic is a leading innovator in statistical multiplexing solutions.


A complete solution

DiviTrackIP statistical multiplexing allows the delivery of more channels within the same fixed-bandwidth for each satellite, cable or terrestrial connection. It supports LAN and WAN architectures, hybrid SD/HD and a range of video encoding standards. To push performance even further, DiviTrackIP’s capabilities have been extended to include audio, subtitle and data components.

Optimize average bitrate

When sharing a common bandwidth pool, you can now leverage our target average bitrate statmux, which combines the statistical multiplexing benefits of video quality optimization with a guaranteed average bitrate. This makes it much easier to manage channel sharing contracts.

Flexible configurations

As well as easier configuration and monitoring, it provides a more flexible architecture for deployments involving hybrid statistical multiplexing for complete service delivery, including multi-language audio and multichannel subtitling.

Simplified operations

Because bitrate is allocated in real time, there is no need for complex scheduling of multiplexer configuration changes. Subtitles, audio descriptions and other data components can be automatically inserted when available.

Maximizing bandwidth investment

Many satellite transponders or terrestrial multiplexes include a high ratio of null packets, simply because fixed provisioning ensures allocation of sufficient bandwidth for data. With DiviTrackIP, fixed bandwidth provisioning is no longer needed. Unused bandwidth is automatically and dynamically reclaimed to improve video quality and potentially add extra channels to the transport stream.

Sharing a mixed pool of SD and HD channels

DiviTrackIP allows you to dynamically share a mixed pool of SD and HD channels using MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or HEVC formats, making it an ideal solution for satellite, terrestrial as well as cable networks. DiviTrackIP addresses most statmux architectures — in particular, those that carry the communication within the statistical multiplexing pools on the video backbone infrastructure itself — to serve as a highly fault-tolerant system.