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We’ve brought together a global team of industry professionals, ready to assist you 24/7. We use our experience in deploying cloud-native software on your private data center to get your services launched faster, so you can focus on your core business activities.
Any VOS® Media Software deployment includes the Harmonic Hub. You will have access to VOS usage counters showing your remaining capacity, ability to download software updates or upgrades, and to backup your VOS software configurations. 
Service availability support access 24/7/365
Proactive notification and monitoring remediation
Customer Success Manager can be added to your account
Incident acknowledgement and Severity 1/2/3 response time

Extend your service agreement
with CloudCare

CloudCare is an optional service that has our team actively monitor your systems and notify you when needed. The team is always available to quickly respond to your questions.

Activation & setup features

Our standard service setup allows you to get familiar and on-board to VOS Cloud-Native Software in your private data center. 


Perform project management from end-to-end


Remotely install VOS Media Software on your deployed hardware

Activate Channels

Activate and configure channels to mutually agreed specifications


Test interoperability with certified third-party partners


Train users via webinars, e-learning videos and self-guided materials


Perform Functional Verification Tests (FVT) to Harmonic demarcations


Dedicated to your achievement

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your primary point of contact upon purchase of your VOS Media Software. Your personal CSM is by your side to ensure you have the support and information you need at all times to drive continued success for your video business.

A la carte services

You have options once your software is up and running. You can control and configure your services or have us manage them for you.
These additional services are available at a fixed price-per-hour. Simply let your sales representative know that you'd like to discuss the options and we'll schedule what you need.


Create, activate and de-activate live channels


Upload files or modify transcode profiles for live or VOD


System update and upgrade implementation

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