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The VOS®360 standard service agreement includes a service availability commitment of 99.95% during each calendar month of the subscription term.

When CloudLink appliances are used to up or down link live channels to and from the VOS360 Media SaaS, they are included under the VOS360 Media SaaS standard service agreement terms, which includes the 99.95% uptime commitment.
Service availability each month
Issue notification
Notifications for CloudLink issues
Control usage
Monitor your consumption counters
24/7 monitoring
CloudLink appliance vitality monitoring

Extend your availability to 99.995%

By running redundant VOS360 instances in two availability zones, two different regions or even into two different cloud providers, we ensure separation of infrastructure and increase the service availability commitment to 99.995%.

Activation & setup features

Our standard service setup allows you to get familiar and on-board to the VOS360 Media SaaS. 

Activate channels

Activate and configure five channels to mutually agreed specifications

CloudLink appliances

Install, activate and configure CloudLink appliances to pre-defined locations

Create instances

Create VOS360 instance as well as your account


On-net caching servers for advanced delivery after customer installation


Test interoperability with certified third-party partners


Provision channel resources


Perform Functional Verification Test (FVT) to Harmonic demarcations


Train users via webinars, e-learning videos and self-guided materials


Dedicated to your achievement

Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your primary point of contact upon purchase of your VOS360 SaaS. Your personal CSM is by your side to ensure you have the support and information you need at all times to drive continued success for your video business. 

A la carte services

You have options after your 60-day post-launch support period. You can control and configure your services, or have us manage them for you.
These additional services are available at a fixed price per hour. Simply let your sales representative know that you'd like to discuss the options and we'll schedule what you need.


Create, activate and de-activate live channels


Upload files or modify transcode profiles for live or VOD


Full configuration and operations of services

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