VOS: The Future of Video… Today

Harmonic VOS is a software-based, fully virtualized platform that unifies the entire media processing chain, from ingest to delivery. Operating on common hardware platforms in IT data center environments, it gives video content and service providers the ability to simplify workflows, maximize flexibility, and gain unprecedented operational efficiency.

Software-Based Media Processing Platform

VOS brings together the technologies that have made Harmonic the leader in broadcast playout, pay-tv encoding, IPTV headends and multiscreen transcoding. It leverages the computing power of contemporary servers to host a robust set of dynamically deployable application modules which can be selected individually, or in combination with any of the others. Playout with HEVC encoding for multiscreen? No problem – just add the modules.


Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™

Central to VOS is the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, a module that takes Harmonic’s market-leading expertise in video encoding to a whole new level. Flexibility of formats, codecs and encoding schemes enable amazing video quality at the lowest bitrates. MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs are supported, as are SD, HD and Ultra HD content formats for broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV delivery — including constant, variable and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Elasticity, Flexibility, IT Economics

Industry Spotlight

Modular software that can be turned up or down on demand, across the full range of media processing functions, makes VOS unparalleled in its elasticity and flexibility. And as software operating across virtual machines in one or multiple data centers, it leverages Moore’s Law economics of IT hardware to deliver significant savings in rack space, ports, power and cooling. The result is a whole new way to simplify your infrastructure, reduce costs, and drive new revenue-generating services.

For more information on the benefits of a VOS virtualized video infrastructure, download our white paper, brochure or e-book.