The Future of Video...Today

Harmonic VOS is the groundbreaking, software-based platform for unifying the entire media processing chain, from ingest to delivery. Unparalleled in its elasticity and flexibility, VOS software is designed to deploy, scale and operate in any cloud, public or private, running on top of leading deployment environments such as OpenStack, AWS, Azure and more. The result is a whole new way to simplify your infrastructure, reduce costs, and drive new revenue-generating services.

PURE Compression Engine BTR Award

VOS Cloud: A Cloud-Native Software Application for Media Processing and Delivery

VOS Cloud is a comprehensive software offering that operates on any hardware platform in your headend or data center, as well as over private or public clouds. With VOS Cloud, ingest, playout, graphics, transcoding, encryption and delivery are all managed from a single, intuitive, intent-driven UI. Configuration, deployment and management is easy through VOS Cloud's automated video formation technology, which uses standard IT deployment templates to simplify set-up and unlock powerful media processing and delivery workflows. By transforming traditional video preparation and delivery architectures into a hybrid cloud operation, VOS Cloud accelerates time to market for new broadcast and OTT services. The openness, simplicity and agility of VOS Cloud allows you to launch new services faster than you ever thought possible, and to run a simpler, leaner operation.


VOS 360: A Cloud Media Processing Service

VOS 360 is a dedicated end-to-end video cloud service built exclusively for media professionals. The secure, carrier-grade cloud infrastructure makes it easy to prepare and deliver revenue-generating live, time-shift, cloud DVR and VOD streaming services directly to consumer devices in a matter of hours instead of months. By removing the need to build out a physical plant to launch your service, and by offering pay-as-you-go pricing, VOS 360 dramatically alters the economics of OTT content delivery.

We’re hearing a lot about its applications for media processing, but is a cloud-based service ready for prime time? Can it really help you launch a new broadcast-quality live streaming channel in a matter of hours, at a fraction of the cost of building out a new on-premise data center? With Harmonic’s new VOS 360, the answer is definitely yes. We’ll find out why in this edition of VidTech InFocus.



Harmonic PURE Compression Engine

Central to VOS is the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, a software-based technology that takes Harmonic’s market-leading expertise in video encoding to a whole new level. Flexibility of formats, codecs and encoding schemes enable amazing video quality at the lowest bitrates. MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC codecs are supported, as are SD, HD and Ultra HD content formats for broadcast, cable, satellite, IPTV and OTT delivery.