NSG 9000-40G is an ultra-high stream density edge QAM capable of growing in QAM density from 8 to 648 QAMs per unit with very low consumption figures for rack space per QAM and power per QAM.


A look at the details behind this ultra-high stream density universal edge QAM

Thanks to its ultra-high stream density, the NSG 9000-40G offers low consumption figures for rack space per QAM.


Stream processing

The NSG 9000-40G performs PID filtering, multiplexing, scrambling, QAM modulation and RF amplification for up to 648 MPEG transport streams simultaneously. It accepts digital MPEG input through its gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports or 10 GbE SFP+ ports, then directs the video or data to different QAMs to create the outgoing transport streams.

Software-based RF leveling

With the advanced RF power features of Variable Equalizer™ and QAM attenuators, you can tilt the spectral QAM output of a port, or attenuate individual QAMs within a port to achieve what previously required physical attenuators and manual HFC combining labor.

EQAM virtualization

The NSG 9000-40G supports a new software feature that allows partitioning of the physical device to multiple virtual devices. Each virtual device appears as an EQAM to the back office SRM or ERM, allowing quick integration with your legacy systems, as well as new back office systems.

Frequency agility

Using fast DAC technology, the NSG 9000-40G not only supports ultra-dense QAM capacity, but can also spread the QAMs across the spectrum. This eases HFC plant planning, as new projects do not need to factor lengthy and expensive spectrum shifting to accommodate new blocks of QAMs.

Ultra-high density

By scaling up to 36 QAMs per port, the NSG 9000-40G helps untangle the HFC combining network. Using fewer RF ports to reach a laser transmitter, the system helps to realize savings in rack space, cabling, labor, cooling, power consumption and more.

Advanced troubleshooting

The NSG 9000-40G includes many troubleshooting features that allow traffic analysis in complex environments such as SDV or VOD. With built-in wireshark captures, Syslog server reporting, alarm configuration, ASI output, GbE port forwarding and more, the root cause of a system failure can be traced quickly and efficiently.


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