The CableOS® Ripple-1 Remote PHY node (RPN) is a hardened outdoor enclosure for networks tasked with delivering high-speed data, video and voice services over coax.


Delivering high-speed data

CableOS saves up to 90% on space, power and cooling costs in a variety of deployment architectures.

CableOS Ripple-1 FEATURES

RF launch amplifier

The integrated RF launch amplifier in Ripple-1 functions as a modular tray that replaces traditional plug-ins and provides superior RF performance and built-in remote configuration functionality.

Remote configuration

Remote configuration with the CableOS Core software simplifies initial installation and module replacement, eliminates the need for third-party monitoring solutions, and enables quick remote troubleshooting while reducing truck rolls.

Multiple configurations

Multiple configurations of the Ripple-1 RPN using one or two Pebble-1 RPDs are available, each with one downstream and one or two upstream ports.

High reliability

Ripple-1 supports dual redundant power supplies with included temperature sensing and AC input and DC output voltage monitoring, providing operators the assurance of confirmed power supply health and enabling proactive replacement.


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