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Reinventing Broadband Support & Service: Leveraging Software and AI for Greater Quality and Agility

April 8, 2020
3-Minute Read

Broadband networks have clearly emerged as an essential lifeline that connects us together. Cable operators have a key role to play to ensure broadband availability and keeping up is a big task. Many operators are rising to the challenge by removing data caps, offering free broadband to those in need, and relaxing requirements for subscription payments and fees. But is that enough?

How can you ensure that your broadband network can quickly meet demands that are now increasing and evolving at an ever-faster rate? There are important factors when it comes to ensuring service continuity for your subscribers, and we explain them in more detail below.


Smart connectivity drives efficient management and planning

Advanced technology offers incredible advantages: massive savings on space and power, the flexibility to scale, and the agility to evolve more easily in the future. Yet, technology isn’t enough when it comes to managing the delivery and quality of broadband services demanded in every home, business, and every city around the world today.

You need data and analytics to fully leverage the benefits of an advanced access network. Performance enhancements, traffic load planning and optimization, threat prevention and proactivity come from smart connectivity across the entire access network. Interconnectivity and AI-based intelligence are essential to deliver multigigabit broadband services with confidence, and to provide flexible capacity management. Your customers will enjoy incredible broadband experiences, and especially in these current times, when it counts the most.

Harmonic understands the importance of data. With fast, and agile development we were able to integrate an advanced upstream analytics dashboard almost overnight to help operators assess and manage unexpected changes in traffic. Imagine being able to gain detailed insight into usage and capacity for issues at the service group level, instantly. You can with the CableOS® solution.

Data-rich analysis and expert monitoring services for everyday peace of mind

Network operators need to be ready for the next phase in our digital age: constant connectivity, remote operations, and instant service at the highest level of quality. Efficiency and expertise from broadband service teams can make the difference for business and operations. The support that is connected around the clock, and that knows your network better than your best technician is a real advantage, and here is why:

  • Continuous real-time data collection and monitoring: Improving your network and upgrading to offer faster, more reliable broadband services requires data collection and constant monitoring. It can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if you’re doing it manually. Intelligent and automated analytics systems can simplify and streamline to ensure your broadband network is running smoothly, and that any future planning is based on detailed data.

Quickly spot changes in upstream SNR

Quickly spot changes in upstream SNR

  • Advanced network operations center support: A skillful Network Operations Center (NOC) to coordinate with you can enhance your own NOC activities. You can leverage additional resources to drive corrective activities and give your business a huge advantage with regards to quality of service. Imagine identifying an issue, and then fixing it before the consumer notices. You can reduce the number of troubleshooting calls and keep your customers happy.
  • Support & services that can scale: Your access network and business evolve over time. Support services should be able to grow and transition with your business, even when you are experiencing increased consumption and a growing subscriber count. That kind of business agility can save you time and resources as you manage change.
  • Modern and easy-to-use tools: An automated, user-focused set of tools can make your team and your services more efficient and reliable. Engagement platforms and mobile-friendly apps give you the flexibility to resolve issues and manage from anywhere, anytime. When under pressure to keep services running smoothly, it’s reassuring to know that you have all the tools you need with instant access to experts that know your network.

Keeping the connection live and online

Your broadband network provides essential services to consumers, businesses, hospitals and governments as our uses of data, voice, and video over IP, and internet consumption continue to expand. Keeping up is no small task. Your access network needs to be up and running at all times, and without having to break the bank. You need vendors and service providers that you can rely on to help you reach those exceptions.

Harmonic is committed to being there. We will continue to support operators to deliver reliable and high throughput broadband networks that businesses and consumers require. CableOS solution is built from the ground-up for the cloud and fundamentally enables advanced data and metrics from edge to end.  Let us know today how we can help you keep your customers connected.


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