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NSG 9000-6G

Highly scalable application support for growing IP networks


The NSG 9000-6G high-density universal edge QAM system is a highly integrated digital video solution for multiplexing on-demand content streamed over an IP network. Engineered for scalability, the NSG 9000-6G is capable of growing in QAM density from 1 to 144 QAMs per unit. Providing unparalleled output density and up to 6 Gbps processing capacity, the NSG 9000-6G supports a variety of applications, including video on demand (VOD), switched digital video (SDV), broadcast and modular cable modem termination system (M-CMTS).

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  • Concurrent support for VOD, SDV, BCST and M-CMTS services
  • Hot-swappable QAM RF modules containing two RF ports capable of outputting up to eight QAM channels each
  • Processing module with 8 GbE SFP cages supports up to 6 Gbps
  • DOCSIS® 3.0 ready
  • GbE port redundancy supporting multiple redundancy schemes


NSG 9000-6G

Learn more about highly scalable application support for growing IP networks.

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NSG 9000-6G Features

High Density

With up to 144 QAMs per unit, the NSG 9000-6G can support more than 2,000 concurrent VOD streams.

Modular Design

The NSG 9000-6G platform features hot-swappable RF-QAM modules and power supplies, a retrievable processing module and detachable front panel.


The system supports dual redundant load-sharing power supplies, cast-aluminum-covered QAM RF modules and a robust chassis, all designed to provide high reliability and superior performance over time.

Network Management

The NSG 9000-6G can be managed via a web-based GUI, Mass Configuration Tool (MCT), Command Line Interface (CLI), Harmonic’s NMX™ Digital Service Manager, an SNMP-compliant management platform or a local control panel.


The NSG 9000-6G incorporates an integral configurable firewall to protect the device from unauthorized traffic. This mechanism increases the operator’s ability to create and maintain secure systems, and also supports HTTPS, enabling operators who strive for increased system security to communicate with the device over a secured connection.


The NSG9000-6G supports multiple GbE port redundancy schemes as well as intra-port and inter-port socket redundancy schemes. High-availability solutions can be supported by the NSG 9000-6G through the use of EdgeCluster technology.