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ProStream 9100 with ACE

A converged solution for processing SD/HD content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery

ProStream 9100 High Density Stream Processor

The latest evolution of Harmonic’s market-leading ProStream platform, the 1-RU ProStream® 9100 with ACE® delivers superior video quality and the flexibility to support multiple complex digital processing applications, such as digital turnaround, any-to-any audio and video transcoding, linear ad insertion and live adaptive streaming. It addresses current broadcast and multiscreen I/O formats—and scales easily to accommodate future formats.

ProStream 9100 with ACE features an ultra-high-density architecture that dramatically reduces the amount of rack space required to meet growing processing and transcoding requirements. System flexibility and workflow versatility are achieved with modular audio/video processing modules and high-capacity IP processing cards. Low power consumption, high reliability and simplified serviceability result in a best-in-class, multiformat platform that offers superior video quality and OPEX.

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  • Up to four audio/video processing modules per chassis, configurable for broadcast or multiscreen
  • High-density transcoding of 60 SD or 20 HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC broadcast channels
  • 20 SD/HD inputs with up to 80 OTT multiscreen output profiles
  • IP, ASI and 8VSB I/O
  • Multiplexing and scrambling of up to 500 services

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FEC Optimization in IP Video Networks

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ProStream 9100 with ACE Features

Powerful Transcoding

The award-winning ACE video processing card enables high-density, any-to-any transcoding of 60 SD or 20 HD MPEG-2 and H.264 broadcast services; up to 20 SD/HD multiscreen inputs, outputting up to 80 profiles; and all audio codecs.

Optimized Multiscreen Workflows

ProStream 9100 with ACE fits seamlessly into a Harmonic ProMedia multiscreen workflow, providing an optimized solution for producing and preparing content for adaptive bitrate streaming. Multiscreen baseline, main and high profile modes are supported.

Enhanced Audio Processing

Featuring on-board audio processing and transcoding, ProStream 9100 with ACE can natively transcode up to three stereo pairs or a single multichannel. For U.S. service providers, integrated Jünger Level Magic™ audio level adjustment enables compliance with the CALM Act.

High-Throughput IP Processing

The ProStream 9100 offers the choice of either dual or quad Gigabit Ethernet input. The latter option provides an input line rate of 4 Gb and up to 2 Gb of high throughput processing, supporting up to 500 simultaneous multiplexing and scrambling services.

Flexible Multiplexing

A complete range of IP, ASI and 8VSB remultiplexing functionality is supported by ProStream 9100, including PID remapping, PID prioritization and filtering, DVB-EIT and PSIP table regeneration, PCR generation, TS and mirroring. The integrated Flextream™ MX engine enables the creation of up to 16 pools of transcoded channels for digital turnaround (DTA) services; and Flextream IP, an IP-based feature for LAN or distributed WAN environments, supports statmuxing of up to 16 pools of remote distributed encoders, 64 services per pool.

Linear Ad Insertion

Digital program insertion on ProStream 9100 enables the frame-accurate insertion of local and regional ads directly into live-to-air MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD transport streams. By eliminating the need to decode a stream to insert ads, workflows are optimized and video quality is maintained at the highest possible level.