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ProStream 9100

High-performance, highly versatile stream processing in a compact package

ProStream 9100 High Density Stream Processor

The latest evolution of Harmonic’s market-leading ProStream® stream processing platform, the high-density ProStream 9100 is an ideal solution for multiplexing, scrambling, descrambling and statistical multiplexing of SD and HD MPEG video. The compact 1-RU system delivers the flexibility to support any-to-any remultiplexing, DVB-ASI and AES scrambling, digital turnaround, linear ad insertion—and a wide variety of stream processing applications. By adding the optional high-performance ACE® video processing card, the ProStream 9100 also supports complex transcoding applications for the delivery of both broadcast and next-generation multiscreen services.

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  • Compact, modular 1-RU chassis with five IOM slots
  • IP and DVB-ASI I/O, 8VSB input
  • Multiplexing and scrambling of up to 500 simultaneous SD and HD broadcast services
  • DiviTrackIP statistical multiplexing with remote distributed encoders
  • Linear ad insertion into MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD video streams

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ProStream 9100 Features

Flexible Multiplexing

A complete range of IP, ASI and 8VSB remultiplexing functionality is supported by the ProStream 9100 processor, including DVB-EIT and PSIP table regeneration, PCR generation, transport stream and port mirroring, and PID prioritization.

Statistical Multiplexing

Harmonic’s DiviTrackIP option integrates multiplexing and IP switching by connecting ProStream 9100 units with remote Harmonic Electra encoders across a LAN or WAN, allowing any ProStream in the network to efficiently manage the encoders’ statmux pools. Support is available for up to 120 services per statistically multiplexed pool.

IP Distribution

As major cable and telco MSOs migrate to centralized content aggregation, the ProStream 9100 platform offers a reliable solution for MPEG distribution over IP. The system supports bulk scrambling and descrambling, and enables secured content distribution by acting as the scrambler at the central headend and the edge descrambler at remote headends.

Conditional Access

The ProStream 9100 processor’s industry-leading SimulCrypt Synchronizer core supports DVB SimulCrypt versions 1, 2 and 3, and allows for the simultaneous connection of up to 30 different CA systems. The platform also supports AES encryption technologies for scrambling and descrambling applications.

Linear Ad Insertion

Digital program insertion on ProStream 9100 enables the frame-accurate insertion of local and regional ads directly into live-to-air MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD transport streams. By eliminating the need to decode signals to insert ads, workflows are optimized and video quality is maintained at the highest possible level.

High-Throughput IP Processing

The ProStream 9100 offers the choice of either dual or quad Gigabit Ethernet inputs. Two integrated 10-GbE interfaces reduce the number of router ports required and enable a simplified IP addressing scheme.



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