Achieving Constant Video Quality with EyeQ

Harmonic’s EyeQ™ content-aware encoding solution offers a fresh approach to delivering consistent, superior video quality for IPTV and OTT services, with up to a 50 percent reduction in bandwidth. EyeQ compression is unique in its ability to leverage the mechanics of the human eye to assess video quality and optimize encoding parameters in real time.


Deliver superior multi-screen experiences

With EyeQ, viewers can watch pristine video on any device — even over constrained ABR networks. When video quality goes up, your subscribers are happier and spend more time watching content.

Increase QoE on mobile

Significantly improve rebuffering ratio and startup delay with a lower bit rate for video delivery. This is especially true over wireless connections such as WiFi or 4G.

Live and linear support

EyeQ supports both live and file-based applications. However, this technology is a must-have for live events that stress the network and increase distribution costs.

Deploy with ease

Our EyeQ encoded stream is 100 percent H.264 compliant, which means you don’t need to make any changes to today’s ecosystem. Whether it's on appliances, virtual machines, cloud infrastructure or SaaS, the technology works.

Hear it from our Customers

“For a streaming offering to be truly successful today, especially for live sports, it has to be delivered with exceptional video quality on every screen. We chose Harmonic’s solution because of the pristine video quality it provides, as well as its flexibility.”
Roy Liemer, co-founder and CEO, Vista Worldlink


Enhance Video Quality with EyeQ

Harmonic EyeQ is a new way to determine the target video rates for the different video profiles in an ABR deployment.
Technical Guide
EyeQ video optimization solution

Introduction to EyeQ

EyeQ™ leverages the intelligence of the human visual system to provide a superior viewing experience, while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%.

The Complete Guide to Software-Based Encoding

Providing exceptional video quality, industry-leading bandwidth efficiency, and diverse format and codec support for all broadcast and multiscreen services.

Set the Standard for OTT QoE

Harmonic’s EyeQ™ solution enables operators to deliver higher video quality to subscribers of OTT multiscreen services.
Case Study