Take your live video encoding to the next level

Increase your team’s efficiency with encoding, branding and redundancy in a single appliance. You will gain peace of mind knowing that your system is running on Electra® X Live Video Processor with built-in redundant power supplies and fans.

50% lower bandwidth

Impress viewers and reduce bandwidth consumption using real-time video optimization. The Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™ powers Electra X with superior video quality at minimum bandwidth.

Users can also employ EyeQ™ real-time video optimization that ensures delivery of the highest video quality across IPTV or OTT delivery networks while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 50%.

Accelerated revenue generation

The integrated multi-function capabilities of Electra X add unmatched flexibility and efficiency to your operation. You can also accelerate the launch of new revenue-generating services, such as over-the-top (OTT) streaming of live and time-shifted content, and the broadcasting of new HD channels.

Support for DAI, as well as integration with leading third-party systems such as Sky AdSmart, provide additional opportunities to grow your business.

Statmux over IP

The Electra X processor maximizes the efficiency and flexibility of statistical multiplexing through tight integration with the Harmonic ProStream® X, and DiviTrackIP statmux technology.

DiviTrack IP connects remote Electra X encoders with ProStream X systems across a LAN or WAN, allowing any ProStream X in the network to efficiently manage the encoders’ statmux pools.

Encoding with Electra X

You'll get a fully converged solution featuring real-time encoding and integrated, high-quality branding and graphics. Impress viewers and reduce bandwidth consumption using real-time video optimization. 


Highest compression performance and lowest bandwidth, at your desired density

Premium encoding

AVC, HEVC, MPEG-2 and more

Unified headend

Deliver content with powerful workflows, from broadcast to OTT, or a hybrid of both

Graphics & branding

Up to eight graphic layers can be shared across all distribution channels

2022-6 input

You get the flexibility of IP and the pristine quality of baseband

Advanced system

Loudness control encoding, 1080p50/60 encoding and more

Electra X technical specifications



SMPTE ST 2022-6 baseband over IP

Transport stream


Video (4:2:0/4:2:2)
HEVC Main 10 (4:2:0 only)
JPEG2000, Up to 1080p @ 59.94

MPEG-1 Layer II
Dolby E

Broadcast video encoding

HEVC Main 10

SD formats
576i @ 25
480i @ 29.97
480p @ 29.97

HD formats
720p @ 29.97, 50, and 59.94
1080i @ 25 and 29.97
1080p @ 24, 50, and 59.94

DToIP statmux with ProStream X

HLG and HDR10

Compression optimization
EyeQ content-aware encoding

Multiscreen video encoding

AVC (H.264) main and baseline
HEVC Main 10

Compression optimization
EyeQ content-aware encoding

TS over UDP, each video delivered as a separate SPTS

Audio processing

MPEG-1 Layer II (stereo)
MPEG-4 HE-AAC v1/2 (ADTS/LATM) stereo and 5.1 multichannel

Loudness control
Jünger Level Magic and Harmonic automatic level adjustment


Audio description
Receiver Mix

Ancillary data specification

Closed captions and subtitling
EIA-608, EIA 708 ATSC A/53, 608/708 conversion option
China closed caption
Teletext to DVB subtitling conversion

VANC data

Digital Program Insertion (DPI)
SCTE 104 over Ethernet
SCTE 104/VANC to SCTE 35


Electra X is ideal for all your encoding needs

High-quality live sports

Make your viewers feel like they are a part of the game by vastly improving the video quality of sports content.

Unify your broadcast & OTT headend

Ensure high-quality and efficient service delivery across all screens, on any transport network, including IPTV, OTT, DTT and satellite.

Distribute local channels

Deliver your linear channels to local audiences with high quality. You can create skinny bundles or send them directly to your affiliates. 


Frequently asked questions

How can I guarantee low latency and UHD HDR sports?

UHD HDR and live sports content make a great combo. With UHD HDR, sports fans get a taste of the action in stunning clarity and detail. However, it’s a challenge to deliver UHD HDR OTT content with the same low latency as broadcast delivery.
By embracing a live streaming platform with innovative technologies like cloud, content-aware encoding (CAE) and the CMAF standard, you can deliver as low as 5 to 6-second end-to-end latency. The industry norm today is around 30 to 35 seconds. The gains are amazing.
How do these optimized video delivery solutions for CAE work? CMAF LLC works by delivering a segment of small chunks of about 200 ms before the full two-second or six-second segment is calculated. 
Data transmission is accelerated across the entire workflow, including in the decoder, which can potentially start decoding before a complete segment is received. CAE further solves latency issues by offering up to a 50% reduction in bandwidth for UHD HDR delivery. Leveraging the mechanics of the human eye, CAE can assess video quality and optimize encoding parameters in real time.

Which Harmonic products should I pair with Electra X?

The Harmonic Electra X is the perfect all around encoder for live sports and broadcasters.
The NMX Network Management System is a must to operate all of your broadcast and OTT services in one centralized management system. Our ProStream X also pairs well by handling the distribution of high-quality IP and ASI video streams. The Harmonic ViBE® CP9000 is also a great compliment for all contribution and distribution encoding. 
If you are looking to integrate a cloud solution into your workflows, VOS®360 Media SaaS can handle the entire video processing and delivery chain. Electra X is a great choice to ingest content into the cloud. Our VOS® Media Software is another option if you'd like to run out of a private data center. 

Can the Electra X encoder integrate with non-Harmonic workflows?

The short answer: Yes.
Harmonic works with a number of technology partners for quick and easy integration. Our experts can help determine if Electra X is the right choice for your business. 

What kind of services are available for Electra X?

At Harmonic, we offer multiple services for all our products. Our team can guide you to a package that works for your business including, professional services, service level agreements, technical support and training for your team. 

How can I get assistance with my Electra X?

You can get assistance from the Harmonic Technical Assistance Center for all your support questions and issues. The fastest and most efficient way is through our OneCare Portal.
Otherwise, you can reach the team by phone, through chat, or by reporting your issue

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