VOS.io simple, transparent pricing

VOS®.io is an easy-to-use solution catered for simple video streaming workflows. The VOS.io pricing is structured to give a clear understanding
and control of your monthly, pay-as-you-go streaming services.  If you have an advanced workflow or need more customized pricing,
we recommend that you check out VOS360 Media SaaS for a custom solution.


Create engaging, high-quality, live experiences for your audiences with the self-serve streaming solution, VOS.io. 

What's included:

check-greyH.264/HEVC video encoding 

check-greyHLS, DASH, SS, RTMP 

check-greyTimeshift buffer up to 12 hours 

check-greyMulti-channel audio and source redundancy 

check-greyAuto-scaling with bundled CDN 

check-greySupport for PlayReady, Widevine, Fairplay 


Everything in VOS.io and beyond. Customize your video streaming services to fit your unique needs with VOS360 Media SaaS.

What's included:

check-greyBuilt for advanced workflows

check-greyGeo-redundancy with synchronization 

check-greyTargeted advertising capabilities

check-greyForensic watermarking 

check-greyMaster manifest filtering 

check-grey Hands-on support and SLA options


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Frequently asked questions
 You've got questions, we've got answers. We're committed to providing clear,
concise answers that empower you to make informed decisions, emphasizing simplicity and transparency.
How is the billing calculated for live events on your platform?

Billing is determined by the duration of live events, encompassing both running and standby states, regardless of active video streaming.

What will occur once my free trial has been used?

You have 30 days to access the free usage that is allotted during the trial. Once the 30-day period has passed, or if you have used up the data before, you will start to incur costs per our pricing details.

What is the charging structure for streaming?

By default, VOS.io streaming SaaS will automatically scale the origin capacity of activated streaming units for you. You will be charged a flat, daily rate for one streaming unit (200 Mbps) even if you decide to use more than one streaming unit.

Does CDN egress data pricing differ per region?

VOS.io maintains a consistent price across all regions, eliminating fluctuations. Harmonic's pricing is perfect for all types of applications, big or small. 

Does VOS.io include an STS option in the platform?

Yes, VOS.io provides an embedded Security Token Service (STS) available to you. The token request has the same price as the license request.

Do I need to migrate existing assets to VOS.io and how will they be charged?

No, you do not need to migrate any existing assets and will not be charged for that storage. VOS.io storage costs are incurred with data associated with VOS.io services including, event recordings, content-encryption keys, token verification keys, HTTP URLs, and other entity metadata.

What constitutes a "view" in VOS.io pricing model?

Player usage is calculated by the number of views, with each counted during the initial playback of a loaded content asset. Actions like pausing, seeking, and restarting do not incur additional views, provided the content remains on the screen without reloading.

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